-SCMS is one among very few colleges in India offering this kind of exposure so early in an undergraduate course.

-Live experience and understanding the “value system” at an early age.

-Initiate and sensitize students towards their responsibilities as citizens of the “global village” .

•Corporate Internship: 4-6 weeks

•Students work at different levels, in various organizations across the country.

•Performance in the internships is evaluated by the companies as well as the institute and it adds to their academic credits.

Reverse Engineering Process

•After the completion of pre-placement sessions, we at SCMS use the process of reverse engineering to familiarisethe students with the current industry requirements and trends.

•This is done by

–Gaining feedback recruiters and previous applicants
–Arranging training sessions based on the provided Job Descriptions
–Matching the Job Descriptions with the academic syllabus, subject wise/topic wise for various streams
–Clarifying doubts and conducting workshops on current industry patterns.

•A thing gap between the industry needs and the academic curriculum is covered to provide the best of placements.