Brilliant performance by our ACCA students

We are happy to share the success of our ACCA students. SCMS students showcase their brilliant performance in ACCA which they opted as a certification course beyond academics.

Following students are Diploma holders- ACCA, having cleared 3 levels (F1,F2,F3 level) in their first attempt:

  • Pulkit Arora
  • Anirudhan Vasudevan
  • Rakesh Lakhani
  • Sanchit Dang
  • Pragya Uppal
  • Shreya Roy
  • Jitendra Badham

ACCA New Batch 2015: Another Year of Achievement

  • - Lisa Fernandes: Cleared F1 & F3 Level
  • - Lilian Khajo: Cleared F1 & F3 Level
  • - Jaydeep Kotak : Cleared F3 Level

Distinguished performances by:

  • Shreya Roy: F1- Accountant in Business
  • Pragya Uppal: F1- Accountant in Business & F3-Financial Accounting
  • Amanat Jaggi: F1- Accountant in Business
  • Rakesh Lakhani: F4 & F5 Performance Management (Advanced Level Subject)
  • Sanchit Dang: F5-Performance Management (Advanced Level Subject)
  • Jitendra Badham:F5-Performance Management (Advanced Level Subject)

The registration for ACCA is still on. Do not miss the opportunity of being a global professional in the area of Accounting and Finance.

Kindly register before June 30th 2016.