Around the BBA in 30 minutes

Date of Event: 12th October, 2020, Monday

Time: 4:00 PM

Platform: Airmeet

Around the BBA in 30 minutes was an event organized by the Academic Cell for the purpose of providing the incoming batch with a clearer idea about the workings of the college and to clarify any and all queries they had regarding the college. This event was conducted on 12th October 2020, Monday at 4:00 PM on Airmeet. We received around 240+ registrations and had a live attendance of 170+ attendees.

The main event was scheduled for 30 minutes where in our Academic Representative, Dhruv Talreja, led the session. He addressed the new batch regarding an introduction to the Academic Cell and its workings, the college curriculum and co-curricular activities, the entire hierarchy and the workings of the student body, clubs, cells and boards, online presence of our college and the opportunities one could grab outside of college.

The entire session ended up being very informative and was followed by a doubt clarification session by Dhruv Talreja, Divyam Agarwal and Ananya Vasudeva where in the students approached them directly with all the doubts and queries, they had. This session was scheduled for 15 minutes.

To conclude, the entire session was viewed as a power packed session which gave us the opportunity to interact with the new batch and vice versa. The feedback we’ve received from the attendees has been very positive and appreciative.