"Event “Battle of E-cells” by E Cell

Date of Event: 24/03/21 to 26/03/21

Event “Battle of E-cells” by E Cell dated 24/03/21 to 26/03/21, saw a nail-biting, thrilling start to THE BATTLE OF E-CELLS, a 3-day, multi-faceted, 5-stage, inter-college event where 9 E-Cells battled to be the best. The participating colleges included:

●Vellore Institute of Technology, ●Sri Venkateswara College, ●Symbiosis School of Economics, Pune, ●St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai, ●Hindu College, Delhi, ●Indian Institute of Management, Indore, ●Symbiosis Law School, Pune, ●Hansraj College, Delhi, and our very own host college ●Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies, Pune

The entire event saw a plethora of creativity, passion, and skill. As the 3-day action-packed event was coming to a close, not just the participants, but also the organising committee had a lot to take back.