Cult Night 2019-20

The winners for Cult Nights 2019 was FY-C

Cult Nights is conducted as a 5 days event. Its an intra division cultural fest for the first years in which they participate and come together as a class to take part in various cultural events and win as a class.


On day 1, the events conducted were Class Parade and Publicity Run. Class parade is an event where classes put on costumes corresponding to their themes and perform a collective “parade” across the amphitheater.


Two events were conducted on Day 2 of Cult Nights that were Hogathon and Showdown. In Hogathon, participants from each class must finish a given number of burgers in the least time possible.


On Day 3 we had Sports events like Futsal, Basketball and Tug of War. Alongside we had Channel Surfing and Roast and Toast


On day 4 we had conducted Oscars and Hit the Cult Comm. Cult Nights Oscars is an award show event where Cult nights participants are awarded funny Prizes.


was the final day which consisted of Group Dance, Battle of the Bands and Final Class Act. Group Dance is a dance competition. Battle of the band is a Music Competition