For Cult Nights’18- the cultural committee chose the theme fictional cities which came from famous literary texts.

FY-A were the Aurors from Hogwarts;

FY-B were the Battling Panthers from Wakanda;

FY-C were the Cult of Odin from Asgard;

FY-D were the Dárrone Dothrakis from King's Landing;

FY-E were the Elysium de Gotham from Gotham city.


Parade and Publicity Run- The first day of cult nights began with great energy and enthusiasm. The first event of the cult nights was the parade and was introduced for the very first time, each class was ready wearing their respective class t-shirts and were ready with their mascots. Each class started the parade from amphitheatre and ended in front of Cafe Coffee Day Express. The classes were chanting their slogans and were extremely excited for Cult nights. The student council was also a very active participant of the cult nights 2018. The second event of Day 1 was Pub run. This time each class found it very difficult to locate the different stations around the campus. But it was FY-D who was the fastest and the smartest during pub run and won the event. Day-1 went without a hitch, and it was FY-D who were the winners of day 1 also the classes did an excellent job with decorating their respective classes.

Day- 2  Hogathon & Showdown

Hogathon- During the Break, just to increase excitement amongst the first years, as a cultural committee, we decided to keep a surprise hogathon event where 2 people from each class were asked to volunteer without knowing the task. FY- C proved to be the champions of this round as they gulped down the food with ease.

Showdown- One of most awaited events during the entire of cult nights were many students from senior batches also join together in the lobby of SCMS to see the moves of the first year participants. To start of the event and get the juniors excited, Step-Up heads- Adwaid, Sanya, and Tanya performed with partners from the club. 4 participants from each class performed in a random order. Then each class chose one dancer of the 4 to dance the faceoff to the songs which were given by the judges.


SPORTS- The sports day was conducted on the third day of Cult Nights 18 on the basketball court and the field. The sports events were postponed due to rain and were conducted from 1:00pm to 5:00pm. All classes had great enthusiasm and energy while playing and cheering. Tug of War could not take place due to unforeseen circumstances. The event started off with great spirit even though it was delayed. Each class participated wholeheartedly and quality performances. The cheering added up to the overall atmosphere of the event. The event brought great unity among the classes and ended on a very positive note.

OPEN MIC- The open mic event had performers of various classes battling it out to test who had the best gift of the gab with participants doing things from poems, to emotional stories to 'Shayari's' to stand up comedy. All the participants dazzled the audience with their respective performances. After the open mic event we had a roast and toast wherein teams of two from each class were called out to roast and make jokes on each other and the other sections. This was a great success as everyone had a great time making fun of each other, the event Ultimately ended with FY-A being judged the winner's


Street Play- The street play event was conducted on the fourth day of Cult Nights'18 in the amphitheatre. For this event, all the five sections will showcase different acts based on various social topics and they would be judged on the basis of suitable parameters. The event started off by a fun dance by the cultural committee to lift the spirits and entertain the enthusiastic freshers. Classes performed with zeal and quality and the event was further uplifted by the hearty cheers of their supportive classmates. The event went on smoothly and ended on a positive note, only to scale up motivation among the classes.

Hit the Cult Comm- This particular event which is a Cult Nights tradition took place right after the Street Play event. It was a fun (sometimes painful) activity in which classes will line up and hit the cultural committee with water filled sponges in the parking lot of our college. This activity is conducted to increase bonding between the classes and the cultural committee and also ease the stress of competition prevailing in the minds of the freshers. This activity was much more


The final day of cult nights, the one that decided the fate of it all began with a bang. It started off with breathtaking chaotic dance sequences that got the whole crowd ready to jump up and dance. All that energy lead to a euphoric showdown of harmonies in battle of the bands- where each class brought an array of different genres to the table, ranging from classical music to hard heavy rock. All of it ultimately lead up to the final act, which was an amalgam of each and every talent all the classes could possibly offer- may it be their dancing capability or their theatrics. Through tough competition and a fierce battle amongst the classes, Cult of Odin (Section- C, batch of 2018-21), once again reigned supreme and became the winner of Cult Nights’18.

Marketing- Over the five days, the FYs were also marked on their marketing skills to promote their classes in the college and campus. Every class handled their own Instagram page were uploads of every event were made by them as well. Also a lot of merchandise was sold, given out, for promotions like different juices which may be very popular in their fictional cities or bownies which resembled a thors’ hammer.

FY - C - Winners of Cult Night’s18

FY - D - First runner up

FY - B - Second runner up

FY - E - Fourth position

FY - A - Fifth Position