Fit-a-Thon LIVE by Step Up

Date of Event: 26th July, 2020

Platform Used: SCMS Pune Facebook page

Duration of the event: 6:30 – 6:45 (15 mins approx.)

Number of Viewers: 146 viewers post event (as of 26th July,7pm)

Link :

The Dance Club of SCMS Pune, Step-Up Crew organised a live dance fitness session called ‘Fit-a-thon Live’ on 26th July, 2020. The session was conducted by Ms. Alisha Maini (batch of 2018 & ex- Step Up Crew head) a certified bolly-fitness instructor based in Delhi, India. The video showed Alisha demonstrating the steps while 4 of our club members (Sheryl Noronha, Esha Gang, Hardik Dudiya and Revathi Krishnan) followed along with her. The easy steps and exciting Bollywood songs aimed to encourage the students, faculty, family and friends to get fit through dance with us. Though we faced some technical difficulties while uploading the video, the event was still enjoyed by all. Our video showed 146 viewers after the live stream ended.