On the occasion of the 72nd Independence Day, institutes of the SVC Campus, SCMS, SID and SCMC collaborated to mark the event with great enthusiasm along with the students, faculties and staff. The early morning rituals began with the flag hoisting ceremony by Dr. Adya Sharma, Director, SCMS Pune, in the presence of Prof. Anupam Siddhartha, Director, SCMC, followed by the national anthem.

Dr. Adya Sharma addressed the gathering with a recital from a notable poet, thus setting the tone of the event. Dr. Archana Singh’s recital of a poem in her father’s words left a deep impact on everybody thus offering encouragement to weave a better India. The cultural programme began with a heart toughing performance by Encore, The Music Club of SCMS with a medley of patriotic songs. Students from SID and Step Up, The Dance Club of SCMS, presented two dance performances, both highlighting the strong message of vigour and vitality in India’s youth. Followed by the cultural extravaganza, Col. Retd. C.V. Mohan, Campus Administrator, SVC, addressed the gathering and felicitated the support staff of the campus. Directors of SCMS, SCMC and Deputy Director of SID also joined him. The event ended on a sweet note as Dr. Adya Sharma and Col. C.V. Mohan distributed chocolates among the children who were present for the event. Thus, 15th August, 2018 was celebrated ceremoniously by the students, faculty and staff of Institutes at the SVC Campus, Pune.