Final report


Similar to the beta version of technology, our fest too has a trial version- Intra Sympulse. Three days of Sympulse events that are filled with glamour, galore and glitz. Intra Sympulse promises a mini Sympulse to the students of Symbiosis in order to gauge the turn out of Sympulse.

This year, on Sympulse’s 10th anniversary Intra-Sympulse was bigger and better than ever before. With higher number of registrations and greater amount of participation from students, this edition surpassed the rest. From the caps on each event to the Bingo! Comedy event, the bars were raised higher. As Sympulse looms closer, the Sympulse family is beyond excited. Beta Sympulse speaks for it.




Pochinki, Erangel, chicken-dinner… Imagine hearing all this PUBG jargon from a crazy load of fans packed in a single room. Ananya brought a much-needed euphoria to the opening day of intra-sympulse. Eyes glued to screens, players geeking out, sounds of gunfire you can hear all the way from the ground floor; we've probably never seen a gaming event in college this accessible and connecting. The event was divided into a league, squad of four playing each other and eventually two teams making it to the finals. The numbers that turned up speak for themselves.

Mono acting

The participants had to pick up chits which had certain situations related to Bollywood movies mentioned on them. The participants were given a five-minute period to prepare their monologues before their performances. Each performance left the crowd in awe. The performers recreated magic with their acts. Mr. Sajeesh Hamsa concluded the event by sharing his perception of acting. Kareena Parwani, an SY, was declared the winner of the event for her stupendous mimicry of Alia Bhat from Highway.


Unplugged was an event that the crowd didn't want to end. With the contestants coming up on the stage and singing their hearts out, the voices echoed throughout the amphitheater creating a mellow and soft environment. The eight contestants presented different genres of music, ranging from artists like Martin Garrix, and Green day to old Bollywood classics. When Yogesh sir, the judge for the day, walked up to the stage to announce the results, he had nothing but positive things to say about the contestants.


Texas Hold'em Poker

There was a constant hustle and bustle of students as they flocked to register as well as watch the game unfold. Karan and Kunal were the dealers for the three tables. The knockout tournament witnessed the best poker faces by the players. The corridor echoed with sounds of cards getting shuffled and rattling of coins along with the occasional ‘All in!’ exclaimed by the players. Eight players- Dhruv, Sohail, Raghav, Rishabh, Prajwal, Raunak qualified for the next round. In conclusion, it was a loud and highly riveting game to witness.


Between the Spreadsheet

This event included a mock stock exchange which tested the participants on their ability to handle profits and losses. The event was characterized by different rounds which included different tasks to be done based on the stock prices of various companies in the economy. The classroom was filled with sounds of clattering of calculators as participants tried to calculate and achieve the highest profit by buying and selling shares of companies among themselves. It tested their efficiency as investors and their ability to play with numbers in their favour.

Recrutio- HR

Symulate's recruitment themed event had an extremely tight and formal, multi-faceted kick-off round on Day One. Perfectly timed and contained, each stage felt like a board/panel interview with an admirable and necessary level adversity that Symulate’s core had no issue playing around with within the framework of the round's design. Participants were first divided for a snappy, challenging pop quiz. The winner was allowed to take over the next part of the round, choosing cases for the runners-up for a situation analysis. Our FY candidates were surprisingly confident enough to hold their ground on the stage in the final segment, as they presented their ideal solutions to the risky, open-ended situations in the cases. They ranged from several intriguing modern-day HR situations like grievance redressal for mass layoff in the Indian Railway, Infosys trying to recruit an influx of 10000 American after immigration troubles and workforce planning and operations for a merger between two companies.

Best Entrepreneur

Symulate took an inventive turn this year with their popular Entrepreneurship category event. In an opening rapid-fire pop quiz about entrepreneurship's origins, brand identity in the market and modern-day company heritage, participants won 1000 symbucks for every answer they got right. The second segment of the round was an absolute blast, bringing in what they called, 'Symnopoly' - a fun spin on Monopoly, except played on a giant mat, each block representing a type of product to be bought and sold. The rules were similar to the original, and the players were to use the Symbucks they had earned from the previous stage to buy three same-category products (eg. Stationery, Tourism, Medical Products) by the end of the game. With quick auctions and five-minute case studies jumping in like mini-tasks, Symulate created an entertaining simulation with a feeling of realism for the budding entrepreneurs.

Best Manager

The event deals with how an individual can showcase the talents related to the fields of Finance, PR, Marketing and Research. There were two rounds: In Round 1, also known as 'Corporate Zeus', The proceedings were quite simple;

Participants were given a case study. The participants then had to make a PPT, representing the interests of their assigned companies according to the situation in 1 hour. After the stipulated time, the participants entered the 'Face-off' round. In this, each pair of participants were allowed to present their company and justify the cause for their situations. The selected participants made it to the round 2; were conducted on Day 2.


5 A Side Football

The audience witnessed four teams to battle it out on the football field in SCMS. All the Zidanes and Ronaldos were present on the pitch, trying to grab the title of the 'Best Team'. The enthusiasm of the spectators knew no bounds! Ultimately, the winning team was decided after battling it through in a league format; which deserved all the applauses it got.

Table Tennis

As the spectators entered the Table Tennis Area, all they could hear was pure and complete silence. Except for a constant knock at irregular intervals. No wonder, it was the Intra Sympulse Table Tennis competition organised by Sprint. It was done in a knockout format; directly starting from the Quarter Finals. It graduated to Semis and ultimately, the Finals.


TTM- Transfer market meet

There was a flurry of excitement as each participant had to fill the shoes of a manager of a particular football team. They had to manage its proceedings in the transfer market. There were two Rounds: Round 1 involved the Managers to list three players that they would like to buy; and three other players that they would like to sell. They even had to justify their actions by giving reasons supporting the same.

Round 2 was 'A Private Room' event, where the managers try to strike a deal with each others in order to build a better team. This event showcased many surprising events; the biggest of them all being the selling of Eden Hazard to Real Madrid for 150 million Euros.

The Global Compact

SIMUNC’s event, the The Global Compact was based on the 2008 financial crisis. The event takes place in a time just before the crisis was going to hit the economy with the banks aware of the nightmare that was to come as a discussion takes place between the banks, labour unions, corporates and a representative from World Bank presiding over the meeting. The event starts with chaos written all over it as the blame game starts between the representatives. An unmoderated caucus seems to be the factor that pacifies them a little but at the end of the day the problem still stands as all of them wait for the D day that shall leave no one unpunished. The event shall continue for the remainder of the days in order to see if these representatives could’ve of thought of what the people at that time couldn’t.



Global Compact

In comparison to the previous chaotic day which seemed to have every one point fingers at each other, the second day there was a consensus- a mutual agreement pointing towards the fact that the government was to blame for all the chaos caused, in other terms ‘Anarchy’. Things have taken an interesting turn as people don’t trust the government selected by the people anymore and choose to hold them liable for their problems.

Transfer Market Meet

Day 2 of the Transfer Market Meet (organized by SIMUNC) held in the NAAC room was a committee full of dedicated and energetic delegates. Students representing football clubs like Liverpool, Manchester city, Manchester United, Arsenal, Juventus, Barcelona etc negotiated ferociously to bag the best selling price for their players and to collect the most “valuable” team that they could.



The event involved a series of strenous exercise for the participants. It started with Tyre Flip, Lunges, followed by 20 Box jumps, 20 squats using medicine ball and finally Bear Crawl. Participants were timed while performing the exercises. The five participants who took the least time qualified to the next round.

The next round involved 7 minutes AMRAP, picking up of dumbells 10 times, 15 Burpees and 20 situps with 1kg plate.


The game hosted by Sprint was off to a great start. Two teams participated and the match lasted for 14 minutes. The first half was dominated by Team 2 and the score was 12-11. But in a rapid turn of events, team 1 won, the star player being Karthic. The final score was 27-18.

5 a-side

On 5th December, we finally witnessed the final match. It was a thrilling affair as Varun, Arjun, Pranav, Harshit and Ebrahim won over their opponents

The event ended with much pomp and show, with Varun and Pranav Shroff as the highest scorer in the tournament with 4 goals.

Table tennis

Suspense and interest was experienced while witnessing this event. After the gruelling knockout fixtures, it ultimately came down to the final-round Neeraj and Aakash.

Both the participants put up a good fight but ultimately it was Aakash who emerged as the winner by four sets to two.


To make the summer heat even more heated and tense one could’ve spectated the energetic and enthralling volleyball matches that took place. Both categories i.e. girls and boys had a three match set against their opponents in order to win their respective titles. The matches were back to back but it didn’t seem so as none of the players looked tired and kept their enthusiasm sky high at all times. The matches ended with two teams standing tall amongst the others.


Texas Hold'em Poker

The players sat around tables with a monotonous expression smeared all over their faces as they tried to perfect their poker face on the second day of the most entertaining events of all. It continued with people with no stacks who moved on to loot the whole table with just a turn of a card. The silent game surely left a lot of people gasping, as the winners for today i.e. move on to the final day of Poker tomorrow.



The event was an eating marathon conducted by the cultural wing, Ananya. It was sponsored by Rolls Mania and the participants were given a specific number of rolls to finish. They were timed, and the participant to finish first would win. At the end of two engaging and gluttonous rounds, Jikmee Kazi emerged as winner.

Symbolic Arts

We project our thoughts and ideas on the art we create. Ananya opened up a much-needed gateway to the possibilities of these symbolic values on a grand Day Two. The topic given to the participants was simply, 'Reflection', arguably the one and only centre of modern symbolism. Some participants turned in shining symmetry in their work, while others went for a more beautifully messy approach in their creations.


Recruitio- Human Resources

The round for day two was divided into two parts, Part 1 being an online quiz, the winner gained a special leverage for the next stage.

A case study based on the possible key managerial priorities in Brunt hotels was given to the participants after that. In order to solve the case and present it to the jury, the participants had to complete two stations.

A twist was introduced in the finale- a newsflash came on, and participants were taken to a pressure room one by one where their skills were tested against enraged employees, public media and families of injured or dead workers.

Buzzer Facade - B-quiz

The event held by Symulate consisted of 4 rounds in total including guess the logo, guess the entrepreneur, guess the tagline and solving a crossword for the finale. 4 teams of 2 competed against each other by using buzzer tones to answer the question in every round using an application on their phones provided by the Symulate department.10 seconds were given to each team to answer and Team 1 took away the first place by solving the crossword in just a few seconds.

Best Entrepreneur

The participants had to play as aspiring rural-development entrepreneurs, and act in the best interests of schemes directed at the rural regional population. Each qualified participant had to survey an impending rural issue affecting basic livelihood and create an intriguing pitch for a potential game-changing product or service that could eradicate or minimise the problem at its

The bright solutions that were presented are note-worthy. One was to provide manure to the farming-dependent sections at lower costs so that pesticide and fertilizer use could be minimised drastically.. An education programme with NGO tie-ups was also pitched, to destroy taboos at the core of the social system. All in all, the lack of clarity for an immediate winner at the end shows the cut-throat competition that stole the show.

Between the spreadsheets

The round two of ‘Between the spreadsheets’ by Symulate focused on real estate. There were terminals located in different areas that stood representing different real estate properties available. They had a total of 16 properties along with 4 different locations that were set up in the different locations of the college. The task for the participants was to buy, sell, and negotiate the prices for different properties. The event had 5 trading rounds along with 4 news flashes. The participants had to go to different locations to actually make a trade, negotiate, and succeed. The event had 16 properties that were divided into groups of four and located at 4 different areas of the college, and while the contestants ran around making their trade.



Blindfold Bollywood

One team member is blindfolded and led by the tagger to different locations throughout the college through a treasure hunt sort of style with clues related to the Bollywood movies, families and general trivia. It was fun to watch the blindfolded person tumble about and the interesting tasks the team had to perform after reaching the stations (these tasks included rapid fire question rounds, identifying Bollywood songs within 60 seconds, fill in blanks, describing movies without using certain words etc)

Open Mic

The event was as smooth and beautiful as poetry, in the dusk time under the open sky as words just kept on pouring out. As some might say that to emote is to liberate yourself in this mad, mad world. An amazing concoction of English poems and ‘Shaayari’s’, but language at times holds no values when one is speaking his/her heart out. The judge for the event, Prof Nishant Khandelwal himself shared a few lines of his ‘Shaayari’ towards the end of the event thereby illuminating the fact that words are not confined to a certain cohort of people but rather they are the things that help us live each day.


The Global Compact

The subject matter for the role-play/debate was the aftermath of the 2008 collapse of the financial market. The roster of participants were divided into key parties to the crisis- the Government, the Unions, the Companies, the Banks and Financial Institutions and the Presidential Candidates for the United States, for the then-upcoming term. After coming up with agreements that managed to get together, some of the main outcomes were that: the businesses of the economy were to pay 50% of outstanding wages to the labour force (protected by the Unions), the Banks were to accept deposits at 12% to stabilize capital flows with financial assistance from the Government. The purpose of this committee-structured forum was to stabilize demand and supply margins for Harmony in the economy, and at the end of the day, the participant playing future president Barrack Obama concluded the agenda with these final proposals and sealed the deal with the rest of the candidates.

The Transfer Market Meet

The event began with the opening statements for the representative of Chelsea and Liverpool amongst some others and they mainly referenced previous events and future plans and targets. The event gave everyone a wider perspective on how much a football player's decisions, and problematic character might hamper the plans of his football club while hitting their banks hard right where it hurts. There were regular updates and offers presented in the form of “leaked information” that kept every participant in their toes. During the private sessions the participants showed the best of their negotiation skills, with deals being offered to people here and there, everyone faced difficult decisions however they still managed to pull through to make it a successful event.


Arm wrestling

Round 1 was held between Tanishq and Dhruv, where Tanishq won. Round 2 was between Ashwin and Vansh, Vansh being the winner. Round 3 had Prathamesh and Harsh participating, where Harsh emerged as winner. The fourth round was between Prajwal and Harsh, in which Prajwal won. Tanishq, Prajwal, Harsh and Vansh qualified to the semi finals, where it was Tanishq vs Prajwal and Harsh vs Vansh. Prajwal and Vansh won their respective rounds. The final round was between Prajwal and Vansh, in which Prajwal emerged as winner.


There were four teams participating in the total event.
The first match was conducted between the Girls teams. Team 1 had students from SCMS while their opponents were from SID. Two sets of the match were played where SID won 21-11 and 21-10 respectively. In the second match, the boys showed extreme enthusiasm as SCMS SYs competed against the bunch of SCMS and SID students. It was hard luck for the seniors of SCMS as they lost by a small margin. Nevertheless, it was a very fun event organised by the sports department of Sympulse, SPRINT. The spectators really enjoyed this very event and are eager for more such events to come.

Street Cricket

It was on a beautiful noon when SPRINT conducted Street Cricket. There were 3 teams of seven Players. The rules were similar to cricket, but with nifty modifications there was a lot of enthusiasm involved from the spectators. The competition was organised in a league format. Ultimately, two of the teams had qualified for the finals. The tournament ended with Pranav Shroff scoring the highest number of runs and Shagun taking most number of wickets. The winning team won by 5 runs.


Held in TY-A by Sprint the chess competition was intense and well played. While the number of participants was less, the level of competition was surely not. It was moderated by Anmol Aggarwal and each contestant had 90 seconds on the clock to think and make their move. The first match between Tanishq and Albert while seemed slow in the beginning was almost too fast nearing the end. Albert masterfully defeated Tanishq and moved on to the second round with Ehsani. Proving himself to be the winner again Albert won the second match and consequently the whole tournament too.


Hold’em Texas

The two tables were set perfectly for the final day of this riveting game that took place on the fourth floor balcony of SCMS. Kunal and Vihan were the dealers for their respective tables.
After almost thirty minutes of tension in the air, Table 1 playing Omaha Pot limit had Shashwat as the winner. While Table 2 playing Hold’em had Mohit and Amim who qualified for the next round. The final game that took place on the 6th floor corridor between Sohail and Stein was one everyone watched with bated breath. Victory was ultimately Stein