To highlight the linguist diversity on the occasion of the MATRIBHASHA DIWAS on 21.02.2018 at SCMS,Pune 'Regional Song Performances' were conducted. Students, Faculty and staff also joined in with great gusto by singing songs in their own mother tongue. Songs were sung in Hindi, Marathi, Malayam, Tamil, Punjabi, Bengali. Songs in international languages namely ‘Pashto’, Turkish were also sung enhancing the linguistic flavour.

A Group discussion on the topic ‘Importance of regional languages in the Indian culture amidst growing usage of English was also organized. Students and faculty deliberated on ways and means to preserve the regional languages and prevent them from being extinct. Towards the end a common consensus was reached that each of us must vow to preserve India’s multiculturalism through multilinguism. All participants agreed to do their bit to preserve regional languages.