Aakar "Pot Art Workshop" in Indapur Raigad district Maharashtra

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development marks a substantial step forward for sustainable development in many fields, and particularly for culture as it is the first time that the international development agenda refers to culture within the framework of Sustainable Development Goals related to education, sustainable cities, food security, the environment, economic growth, sustainable consumption and production patterns, peaceful and inclusive societies. (UNESCO Website). It is important for Introduction to Sustainable Development elective and direct  part of that   Environmental Management (EM )electives. With above objective  to give very good experimental  learning experience to Environmental Management (EM) specialisation student by  giving them practical exposure of POT ART - one day workshop was attended by Dr. Pisolkar Yogesh Manohar & Miss Rishitha Dara on Staurday 21/07/2018 at Aakar "Pot Art Workshop" in Indapur Raigad district Maharashtra.On the way Dr. Pisolkar also explained the significance of Western Ghat to the participants.