The Alumni Cell of SCMS Pune has been created to connect the alumni with the students and help the alumni as well as the students to learn from each other’s experiences in college, school, work life and life. It strives to achieve a close-knit and sought-after alumni network with the alumni, students and the institute. The cell is responsible for seeking suggestions and feedback from the former students for improvement which ultimately further strengthens the Institute’s capabilities.


1. To stay connected, and maintain a productive and mutual relationship with our esteemed Alumni using all available online and offline means extensively.

2. To build a bridge of communication for the alumni to interact and connect with the students to mentor about career and life.

3. To act as a facilitator between alumni and the institution for mutual benefit.

What we do:

1. Alumni Meet

Alumni meet is an event celebrated in every institute to give your alumni an opportunity to renew bonds with past classmates and cherish their relationship with faculty and staff members. The alumni cell creates and keeps alumni interested in their education guild and develops an interest to contribute to their Alma mater. It is a networking event conceived to exchange experiences and share ideas with current students, faculties and staff.

2. AMA Session

"Ask Me Anything" is an interactive forum in which alumni discuss their fields of expertise and give advice to current students on how to navigate life after graduation. The idea is to pique interest and start a conversation that might provide the students with a special perspective on the alumni's field of expertise.

3. Newsletter

The newsletter includes success stories of former students to show where they are now and what they have done after leaving SCMS. These alumni’s success stories show our concern for their achievements in both their professional and personal lives, as well as being motivating and fascinating to read.

4. Database Curation

Our university takes great delight in acknowledging the presence of its graduates in several fields and occupations across the world. It is crucial to maintain the alumni data in order for our college to properly cultivate its ties with its alumni community and to be able to benefit from the same.

Alumni Cell has a special email: to send newsletter and other information to Alumni.