'Baawari’ – The Production

A first of its kind, ‘The production’ an event organized through collaboration of 3 of the clubs of SCMS, Pune
Encore (The music club), Drammebaaz (The drama club), and Initiate (The social welfare and environmental awareness club) was a musical showcasing the talent of our students.

The event was held on the 13th of December in the SVC Auditorium and commenced at 5 pm. The play, performed by Drammebaaz told the story of a young autistic girl going through discrimination for not only her condition but her being a girl. It also aimed to create awareness about the issue of honour killings and was put forth tastefully by the drama team. The background score and other music was provided by Encore, giving the drama a certain depth and emotional quotient with their soulful renditions of songs that were apt for the scene that unfolded. Initiate brought in their element through the execution of the event and them bringing on board ‘Help Age India’ – An NGO that caters to the needs of, and cares for older people. Donations were accepted for the NGO at the venue and people contributed generously. The event was a success with an audience of over 200 people.