What makes SCMS BBA different?

Management education has been the forte of Symbiosis. We have researched and drawn from the experiences of our sister institutions to evolve into a multi-functional and adaptable centre for excellence.

Here are some steps we take to differentiate ourselves from other BBA institutes -

  • 1) our course is designed to be very intensive in its academic and co-curricular inputs.

  • 2) We ensure that the essence of the curriculum has reached the students through adoption of a multi-pronged methodology of teaching.

  • 3) Through process-mapping exercises and regular internship opportunities, we guarantee international exposure for our students.

  • 4) Our long standing commitment to diversity is a mindset we hold in high regard. The difference in opinions, convictions, economic background, gender & nationality breathes life into our campus community while bringing out the best in our students.

  • Objectives of the Centre:

  • • To build the department as a centre of excellence for imparting high quality management education at the undergraduate level.

  • • To contribute to creation of knowledge by encouraging faculty to engage in research.

  • • To stimulate in students an interest in research and initiate them into research methodologies.

  • • To make education accessible to students across borders of religion, geography, caste or gender.

  • • To foster thinking minds that are sensitive to societal needs and issues thus making them good human beings and responsible members of the society.

  • • To provide an environment that facilitates all-round development of the student personality.

  • Global Immersion Program

    In September, 2012 SCMS have launched several programs under Global Immersion Program (GIP) in consultation with Symbiosis Centre for International Education (SCIE) and as per guidelines of Symbiosis International University (SIU). Under this initiative the student gets an opportunity to study abroad in a University of their choice. In today's globalized world such exposure at the Under Graduate level is pertinent to shape the young generation to become better global sensitized to the world business ecosystem.

    Student Semester Exchange program

    Under the aegis of SIU and in consultation with SCIE, Symbiosis Centre for Management Education, Pune has now begun to welcome as well as send students for a Semester Exchange experience. SCMS further monitors the progress of such students and ensures transferability of credits. Students now have the opportunity of completing a semester or two at any partner university of Symbiosis as well as a non-partner university of Symbiosis, along with the privilege of opting for interdisciplinary courses. We encourage students to apply for non partner universities. However, their application shall be considered on a case to case basis.

    Study Tours

    Students can opt for study tours which are completely organized by the institute as well as in collaboration with other universities of any other institution. Study tours may go on for 10-15 days. Credit Transfers: Number of credits and their transfers are based on the program specifications.

    Service Learning

    We encourage students to participate in service learning program that the institute has received as a proposal from different institutions and international NGOs. Credit Transfers: Number of credits and their transfers depends on the program specifications.

    Summer School Program

    The SCMS students may attend summer schools which usually last for two to four weeks in duration and are normally held in spring or summer. The programs facilitate visits by students and faculty to learn about the business, environment, Global issues, or any other topics. Culture, meetings with business executives, and visits to various industrial and business establishments in the host country were also included. Internships Abroad. We provide opportunity to our students to do an internship abroad in order to show them a corporate experience in foreign country.