The Academy is the literary and film appreciation club of SCMS. It was initiated in 2013. Since then, it has aimed at organizing events that encourage students’ interest in media.

Activities undertaken by the Academy include quizzes and a newsletter. Last year, The Academy’s flagship event was the Game Show, which was a pyramid-based event with 3 rounds, a scavenger hunt, charades and a TV and movie quiz. It also conducted Hum Quiz De Chuke Sanam, which was an online quiz. This year the Academy aims at creating a regularly updated book and movie review blog and a monthly newsletter related to college events, alongside stand-alone events.

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Drammebaaz is SCMS's drama club. It was established in 2010.

Every year, Drammebaaz's journey begins in the month of July when the induction for the freshers is carried out and there is no looking back from there. Core committee proposals, acting crew auditions completely take over the minds of all the drama enthusiasts in college. Last year, Drammebaaz introduced the "Natak Company" which included all performers and actors who shared a common interest - The Stage. Drammebaaz also conducted BAD ADss, where contestants had to participate in groups of three, marketing a location around campus and a Sympulse department.

Drammebaaz is the perfect mix of fun & work and makes sure that all members leave as more confident and vibrant personalities.

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Encore is the music club of SCMS. It was established in 2011.  The club was created to promote the love of music.

Over the years, Encore has organized a number of concerts and competitions. Concerts like Retro nights, a flashback to the glorious past, and Tributes to various artists familiarize students with a multitude of music genres, while competitions like Battle of the Bands and War of the DJs allow them to showcase their own musical talent. This year, Encore has plans for a global music village, a 4-month long musical talent hunt and other exciting events. Workshops and coaching for vocal training and instruments for students are also in the pipeline for Encore.

Encore provides a platform for students who are musically inclined, and encourages an appreciation for music in everyone who takes part in their events.

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Since its inception in 2010, the E-Cell has conducted a myriad of events which have helped inculcate the spirit of entrepreneurship among the students of SCMS. It started with its flagship event E-Genesis: the 99 venture which was a great success. A new event called Age of Tycoons was conducted which tested the planning, creativity and resource management skills of the participants. Everyone’s favorite board game, Monopoly (with an E-Cell twist) was another event that the E-Cell organized.

The E-Cell encourages students that have a sense of enterprise and a need to create change by having events that showcase students’ innovation and their ideas.

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Initiate is the social welfare and community service club at SCMS, Pune. It started as a campaign in 2008 and acquired the status of a club in 2010.The club is dedicated to working with the underprivileged sections of the society.

Activities undertaken by Initiate include educational sponsorship for children, visits to NGO’s, old age homes, and voluntary teaching programs at local schools. Through events like product selling competitions, Initiate collects proceeds that are used to pay for the education and livelihood of children. Non-monetary items are collected through donation drives held during the year.

Initiate allows everyone to pursue their interest. The club has existed through successive batches, growing in leaps and bounds each year, implementing innovative ideas and events, helping to give back to the society. In an institution that aims to develop socially responsible managers, Initiate helps each student to understand the importance of communities beyond the campus, exposes them to the difficulties faced by people in certain sections of our society and the functioning of NGOs linked to different causes.

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Monetrix is the finance and investment club of SCMS, Pune. It was established in 2013. The club works to familiarize students with the concepts of managing and investing resources.

Activities that Monetrix has conducted include a football themed investment event, and an event based on the stock market. Monetrix gives students an understanding of real world finances, and enables them to be better equipped to manage them. The club plans to include workshops and sit downs in its roster of events.

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Panorama is the Photography, Graphic Designing and Short-film making club of SCMS. It provides students with a base to showcase their creativity and love for art. The team members of Panorama capture all the events of the college including the other club events. Thus the members of the club get an exposure to not only covering various events but also organizing events to develop and guide those who have a keen eye for capturing scenes differently. In the past, Panorama has conducted many workshops and events relating to various topics of photography, videography and graphic designing. In the near future, the club looks forward to having more fun contests, campaigns and interactions with professionals to familiarize the students to various aspects of photography.

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Step Up is the dance club of SCMS, Pune. It was established in 2009 as a special interest group. Step Up gives students a platform to showcase their talent in dance.

Step Up has represented our college in various events and fests all across the country like Malhar(St. Xavier’s, Mumbai), Kaliedoscope (Sophia Girls College, Mumbai), Umang(NM College, Mumbai), Neev(SCMSHRD, Pune) and India Fest(Goa) and have won several accolades. The club also conducts events, activities and workshops on campus and plan on collaborating with other clubs and colleges during this academic year. Fitness centric and popular dance style oriented workshops are also planned. Dance has the ability to inculcate qualities like confidence, discipline, teamwork, charisma, stage presence and creativity in students. Step Up provides the ideal platform for every student in this college to develop these essential life skills.

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Symposia, the quizzing and debating club of SCMS, was established in 2008.

Symposia gives students with debating and analytical skills a chance to hone their talents.

Symposia’s flagship event is Vox Populi, an extempore competition. Symposia also collaborated with Encore for a music quiz competition. Symposia is also the first club of SCMS to have its own festival, Cognasia. Cognsia, a hugely successful fest with participation from Mumbai and all over Pune, comprised of an Oxford debate, general quiz and JAM events. The club also organizes workshops on the basic skills of group discussions and personal interviews for students.

Symposia plans on making its events this year bigger and better, and looks forward to helping more students with their debating and quizzing skills.

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Think Tank is the marketing club of SCMS. Think Tank intends to be the connection between students’ creative efforts and real life marketing crises, and organizes events that require them to think on their feet and be dynamic in nature. Last year, Think Tank had events like Being Branson, where contestants were given glasses and had to sell them as something else and Horn Okay Please where contestants had to sell states which assigned to them. A mind mapping workshop related to marketing was also conducted.

Think Tank delves into areas that include branding, advertising, marketing, product designing, digital marketing etc. providing the students with an opportunity to delve into the functioning of the corporate world, spanning from start-up ventures to multinationals

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