The annual intra-college fest consisting of Business, Knowledge, Sports and Club events of SCMS was celebrated, witnessed a large number of participants. Following events ramped up the event :

Business Event- 8th Dec

The business fest consisted of Business Quest, which was an event that highlighted Marketing, Finance, Human Resource and entrepreneurial and managerial abilities. It was as a treasure hunt with clues that were based on logical reasoning and led the participants to classrooms on campus. At each station, they had to perform a task, which tested a particular skill.



It consisted of various events like JAM, quiz, debate, creative writing, Games- chess, taboo, Counter strike, Pictionary. It was conducted to test the creativity of students.


Clubbed, the second day of Conoscenza was the day wherein every club of SCMS showcased what they have to offer. The proceedings had the three performing arts clubs displaying a performance of around 10-15 minutes each in the auditorium, the description of which are as follows:

1. Drammebaaz

Drammebaaz performed a skit wherein they impersonated various actors and characters such as Shah Rukh Khan from My Name is Khan, Hritik Roshan from Koi Mil Gaya, etc.

2. Step Up

Step Up, the dance club showcased a performance depicting emerging India. They exhibited India’s struggle throughout the phase of Independence.


Encore put up a performance to generate awareness for their upcoming event scheduled for February called the “Formals”.

Right after the auditorium based performances, everyone moved out into the campus plaza wherein the remaining seven clubs had stalls set up and had activities, which catered to the crowd. The description of the following is as follows:

  • Academy

    Academy had a game wherein people were quizzed on their knowledge of movies via clues.

  • E-Cell

    The team of E-Cell had a dart playing game wherein one had to throw a dart to a person, and on the next board, a dart had to be thrown to his corresponding company.

  • Initiate

    The team of Initiate had tattoo painting wherein they painted smileys as well as an Awareness Drive with ribbons to promote causes such as environmental, Drug Abuse, Animal Abuse, Women Empowerment, etc. as well as a Wall of Hopes & Dream,

  • Monetrix

    Monetrix had a finance related quiz in a very interactive fashion

  • Panorama

    Panorama had a green screen set up, which they used, as a photo booth, wherein people could choose what they would want photo-shopped behind them, be it a place of a celebrity.

  • Symposia

    Symposia had a quiz and a general knowledge trivia

  • Think Tank

    Think Tank had an activity involving two people, wherein one person would be given the tagline to a brand and would have to act the tagline out to his partner, and upon guessing, would have to guess the brand corresponding to that tagline.

INVICTUS –Sports 10th -13th Dec

Invictus is the annual inter class sports fest of SCMS organised every year by the sports committee. This year, it had been clubbed with Conoscenza to have a combined business, knowledge and sports fest.


The football tournament took place on all 4 days of Invictus, declaring TY-C as winners and TY-A as runners up.

  • Winners – TY C

  • Runners – TY A


The basketball tournament took place on Day 1, i.e. 10th December. FY E were winners and SY C were runners up.

Street Cricket:

The Street Cricket tournament took place on day 2, 3, 4 of Invictus and the winners were TY C


The volleyball tournament took place on Day 1, 2 of Invictus.

  • Winners – TY B

  • Runners – SY A