Conoscenza 2016

The intra college business and knowledge fest was held from the 23rd to the 25th of August 2016. The fest saw a culmination of events from different fields of business and were set to test and coach students in a simulation of a real business environment. Organized by a team of driven and enthusiastic individuals, the conoscenza rounds were made with intricacy and detail to create a standard of excellence.

The winners for the events were:

Human Resources

1 st: Anubhav Sarker

2 nd: Shraddha Gangaraj


1 st: Divyaprakash Shah

2 nd: Aniket Khemani

Best Entrepreneur

1 st: Vinayak Sharma

2 nd: Regis Lopez

3 rd: Ande Harshawardhan


1 st: Anubhav Sarker

2 nd: Abhijeet Singh Rathore

3 rd: Rashmi Mutt


1 st: Shreesh Bhan

2 nd: Adarsh Ramakrishnan

3 rd: Aakash Lalchandani


1 st: Meghana Ambati

2 nd: Ayush Arya

3 rd: Kavya Jain


1 st: Shraddha Gangaraj

2 nd: Alekhya Kalyani

3 rd: Bryan David

Public Relations

1 st: Sukanya Dutta

2 nd: Alekhya Kalyani

Best Manager

1 st: Anupreet Kaur

Creative Writing

1 st: Simran Nasir

2 nd: Ashutosh Pratap Singh

3 rd: Sukanya Dutta