Conoscenza 2017-18

The intra college business and knowledge fest was held from the 16th to the 18th of August 2017. The fest saw a culmination of events from different fields of business and were set to test and coach students in a simulation of a real business environment. Organized by a team of driven and enthusiastic individuals, the conoscenza rounds were made with intricacy and detail to create a standard of excellence.

The winners for the events were:

Human Resources

1st: Vasudha Goel

2nd: Milan San Jacob and Anany Sharma (Tie)


1st: Arjun Chandra and Rahul Varkar

Best Entrepreneur

1st: Khushi Lunkad


1st: Vishal Sivakumar

2nd: Krishna Mirpuri


1st: Ujjwal Saxena and Sanket Sonawane

2nd : Adarsh Ramakrishnan and Kabir Ali

British Parliamentary Debate

1st: Shikhar Bafna and Rajdeep Anand

2nd: Corran Agnelo D’souza and Dhananjay Kalra

Public Relations

1st: Krishnaji Sanas

Best Manager

1st: Vinayak Sharma

Creative Writing

1st: Shruti Shivakaminathan


1st: Riya Agarwal

Chess :

1st: Sarthak Gandhi


1st : Varun

Carrom :

1st: Naman Agarwal

2nd: Shiv Prasad