Cult Nights 2017-18

Cult Nights, a five day long event organised by the cultural committee of SCMS, had its events from 31st August - 4th of September. It is an event organised for the first years so that they become comfortable with their class and work, in unity to win Cult Nights.  The first day included ‘Pub Run’ where 5 participants from each class had to go around the campus solving clues and suspending their flag in the end. 

The second day was ‘Showdown’ where four participants from each class participated in a dance competition.  The third day had ‘Sports’ - Futsal, Basketball and Tug of War followed by ‘Open Mic’ where three participants from each class showcased their talents of poetry, mimicry, stand up comedy etc. The fourth day included ‘Street Play’, and 'Splash the Cult Comm' which was a fun-filled event. The Cult Nights concluded with ‘Battle of Bands', 'Group Dance', and 'Class Act'. All the classes showed great spirit in cheering and motivating the other participants. It not only brought the classes, but the entire batch together.