Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies, Pune had its Environment Conclave on the 29th July 2017, Saturday. The students from all the three batches started assembling in the auditorium by 10:45AM. The event began as soon as the guest speakers for the day, Dr. P Lakshminarasimhan, Scientist ‘E’ & Head of the Office, BSI, Western Regional Centre, Pune, Dr. P. S. Bhatnagar, Scientist ‘D’ & Head, Zoological Survey of India, Western Regional Centre, Pune, Dr. J. Jayanthi, Scientist ‘D’ Botanical Survey of India, Western Regional Centre, Pune and Dr. Mandar Datar, Scientist ‘C’, Agharkar Research Institute, Pune arrived on stage.

The event started with the customary tradition of lighting of the lamp by the Director, Dr. Adya Sharma, and all other guests. Dr. Adya Sharma, Director, SCMS-Pune delivered the welcome address where she gave the students an insight on the importance of environment studies in the understanding of management while also speaking about the various environment friendly measures taken up by SCMS. She also felicitated the guest speakers with a sapling, as a token of our appreciation.

Post felicitation, the Keynote Speaker for the day Dr. P Lakshminarasimhan was requested to address the audience about ‘Biodiversity with reference to human and environment interaction’. He introduced the students to the world of biodiversity and revealed some important facts about them through his presentation. Following this, Dr. P. S. Bhatnagar gave his speech on ‘Biodiversity (faunal diversity) conservation and sustainable utilization.’ He threw light on important aspects such as endangerment and extinction of fauna, and the need to preserve nature. Dr. J. Jayanthi took the stage next and enlightened the audience with breathtaking pictures and valuable information on the floral aspects of biodiversity conservation and its sustainable utilization. The fourth speaker for the day, Dr. Mandar Datar engaged the gathering with his thought-provoking insights on ‘Changing Plant diversity of Pune and factors affecting the changes.’

Students were also encouraged to have a look at the illustrious display of posters, books and fossil samples brought in by the Scientists, and systematically set up in the SCMS Lobby. The programme ended at 1PM with the vote of thanks delivered by Dr. Nitin Mahankale, Associate Professor, SCMS Pune, after which the speakers and delegates proceeded to for lunch.

Interactions with students