There are more events, details of which are separately available.

1. Chai Pe Charcha

Chai Pe Charcha : a discussion to curb Black Money


2. Comic on

Comic on : to unite all the batch students

SCMS Pune - Event - COMIC ON

3. Conosenza

Conosenza : Business & knowledge test


4. Crew Launch drammabaaz

Crew Launch drammabaaz: Introduction of Dramma crew members


5. Encore crew launch

Encore crew launch: performance to launch Encore crew members


6. Cult Night

Cult Night: inter section competition for FY batch

SCMS Pune - Event - CULT NIGHT
SCMS Pune - Event - CULT NIGHT

7. Dance Workshop

Dance Workshop: learn particular dance form SCMS, SID,SIMS

8. Drammabaaz Down to Dirty

Drammabaaz Down to Dirty: create buzz about drammabaaz and to increase application for members


9. E Cellious

E Cellious : encourage Enterpreneurship skills

10. E-Genesis

E-Genesis: entrepreneurship skills with limited resources

11. Electronic Night

Electronic Night: Music night by Encore


12. Ex Cellence

Ex Cellence: Connecting entrepreneurs of Today with tomorrow.


13. Finance Fiesta

Finance Fiesta: to spread finance literacy in fun way.


14. Fun Fair

Fun Fair: social interaction with stall and games

SCMS Pune - Event - FUN FAIR
SCMS Pune - Event - FUN FAIR

15. Graphic Design Workshop

Graphic Design Workshop: to teach basic of photography & graphic designing through Adobe


16. Learn, Spin Discover

Learn, Spin Discover: guide students to know about Marketing & million dollar brands

17. Meet your Mate

Meet your Mate: introduction of the Club to the college students

18. Photographic Workshop

18.Photographic Workshop: photographic, film making & graphic designing


19. Anubhav

Anubhav: awareness about real life business entrepreneurship

20. Public Speaking & Mun workshop

Public Speaking & Mun workshop: help students in public speaking

21. Beat Boxing workshop

Beat Boxing workshop: unknown art of music world


22. Bachna Hai Haseeno

Bachna Hai Haseeno: marketing skills in animated characters.


23. Demonitisation

Demonitisation: apply demonitisation schemes to solve issue of a real estate

24. Quick Triv

Quick Triv: create a buzz about monetrix

25. Shoot & Dare

25.Shoot & Dare: publicizing panorama and increasing social intraction

SCMS Pune - Error Image

26. Workshop on Sign language

Workshop on Sign language: increase reading habit via games

27. Crew launch Step up

Crew launch Step up: introduction of the new club members, their dance steps


28. The Production

The Production: stage play for charity


29. Treasure mania

Treasure mania: Logo quize and a rapid fire round of games


30. Unleash the flash

Unleash the flash: to encourage budding photographers


31. Verbattle

Verbattle: debate encouraging them to open up in public speaking


1. Event “Gandhi Jayanti” by Symposia club dated 2/10/2022

Description:The main motive of this event was to celebrate Gandhi Jayanti by posting a video that highlights the importance and significance of the festival to India and its rich culture. It was a non-interactive event and a video was posted on Symposia’s Instagram page. The main purpose of this event was to spread awareness of various Gandhian ideologies which even included some of his iconic quotes as well

Gandhi Jayanti
Gandhi Jayanti
Gandhi Jayanti

2. Event “Picture” by E cell dated 8/10/2022, to 14/10/ 2022, Number of participants: 12

Description:The event Pitchers 2.0 was a very successful event hosted by E-Cell SCMS, Pune the event had a total participation of 20 teams, to present a 1.5-minute pitch video explaining their products/services, based on their product ideas, and creativity. The judges were the founders of Vinbo Collectibles by Desi Creative Group. The event concluded with the 5 teams presenting their pitches followed by an AMA session conducted by the Founders of Desi Creative Group- Mr.Neeraj Dadlani and Mrs. Deeksha Dadlani and then the results were announced and the prize was distributed to the winners by the judges.

Pitchers 2.0
Pitchers 2.0

3. Event “Consulting 101” by Consulting Board dated 13/10/2022, Name of the Speaker- Mr Russell Fernandes

Description:Consulting 101 is a major webinar event of Consulting Board, which focuses on highlighting what and how consulting is done. With this event, the Board wanted to highlight the characteristics and things required to be a Consultant and what it needs to become one or enter the industry. The event is facilitated by speaker Mr. Russell, who is currently acting as Vice President of Global Sales at Consverge, a London-based service consulting firm, has a professional journey with more than 20 years of work experience. the speaker also focused on the other important skills required to work in the industry, like soft skills, leadership skills, etc

Consulting 101
Consulting 101

4. Event “What Happens Next? Online” by Drammebaaz dated 19/10/2022

Description:What Happens Next?” is a short film script writing contest hosted by Drammebaaz, had posted a teaser the day before launching Students had to write a short film script incorporating the scene in their stories. Finally, Keshav Verma was selected as the winner and Aayushi Upadhyay Dhakal was selected as the runner up. The winner and runner up will be announced on the Instagram page of Drammebaaz on 20th Oct 2022. The winning script will be produced as a short film by Drammebaaz later in the year. Event Pictures:


5. Event “Diwali Ethnic Day- : Traditional’s Day” by cultural comm dated 7/10/2022,

Description:The Cultural Committee organized a Traditional’s Day on the occasion of Diwali’22, the students dressed up in their best traditional attire for college. And recreate famous bollywood outfits, and those who chose to do it the most accurately got a chance to feature on the Cultural Committee’s social media page. Further, there were also multiple question answer polls put up. students were also asked to participate in a fun Diwali Bingo.


6. Event “Think within the box” Name of the Committee: E-Cell Dated: 7th to 29th Nov 2022.

Description:Think within the box was an event where team E-Cell SCMS Pune placed a box with a question labelled “Which is the most important quality an entrepreneur should have” . A box of sticky notes and a pen was placed encouraging management students to drop in their opinions. The results for the same were revealed on E-Cells Instagram page.

Think within the box
Think within the box
Think within the box

7. Event “Club core Committee unveil” by Student Council, Dated - 10th Nov 2022,

Description:On 10th Nov 2022, the results for the core members of all the ten clubs of SCMS Pune were announced. The announcement took place through a video that was uploaded on the official SCMS page at 5:00PM. Relevant promotion and communication was done in advance to make the students aware of the anouncement.

Club core Committee unveil

8. Event “Cancer Awareness Drive” -Name of the club: Initiate Cell, Dated 25th Nov 2022, Event

Description:Cancer awareness has been emphasized as a way to ensure early detection which is pivotal for the management and treatment of cancer. Therefore, it is important to increase the public’s knowledge about cancer, to create awareness about various types of cancer, Initiate Cell organized Cancer Awareness Drive in collaboration with Siddhi Foundation, Pune‘How it affects you initially’, ‘How you can identify it’, and help others with the same. Siddhi foundation also motivated and encouraged students to join as volunteers to their cause for which students will be given certificates and other incentives. It aimed to make students aware about cancer and contribute towards prevention of the risk of cancer. photos –

Cancer Awareness Drive
Cancer Awareness Drive

9. Event “Constitution Day of India” Symposia, Name of club – Symposia, Date of event - 26th

Description:Symposia, the debating and quizzing club of SCMS Pune conducted an online discussion on the occasion of India's Constitution Day. Through this event, we are aiming to have a detailed discussion about India being the birth land of democracy and the constitution being its heart and soul. The focus of the event was to highlight the theme - India - the mother of democracy as per UGC guidelines photos –

Constitution Day of India
Constitution Day of India

10. Event “Shiv Swarajya Din” by Drammebaaz - The Coronation of Maharaja Chhatrapati Shivaji, all the forts of Shivaji Maharaj.

Description: On 6th June 2022, SCMS celebrated Shiv Swarajya Din- the coronation of Maharaja Chhatrapati Shivaji & all the forts were shown on zoom, consisted of an informative presentation that educated students on who Chattrapathi Shivaji was and what his qualities, achievements, facts about his life and his contributions to our nation were. The hosts Vansh Gandhi and Vidisha Tayade hosted the event. The event ended with the Indian National anthem. Through the event has students tried to create awareness amongst students about Indian history, and Maharaj Shivaji’s legacy.

Shiv Swarajya Din
Shiv Swarajya Din - 2022

11. Event “International Day” against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, pledge organised by “Ek Bharat Shresth Bharat club” dt 26th June 2022

Description: 26th June 2022, was observed as "International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking”. Students and staff of SCMS Pune participated in the same and completed the e-pledge titled" Say Yes to Life, No to Drugs", on the website and certificates were obtained for all the students, which had to be sent to SIU through the link.

International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking
International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking

12. Event “Club Head Unveil” by Academic cell dt 15th July 2022

Description: The council declared the results of the club heads on 15th July, after the long interview process, the results were declared in the presence of all the applicants and faculty members. Dr. Adya Sharma Ma’am began the proceedings by giving her words of encouragement which was later preceded by the council revealing the results one by one at the lobby. Posters revealing the respective Council Incharge along with the new heads were stuck on the notice board for all to see. All the selected heads were called in front of the crowd and congratulated for their future endeavors.

Club Head Unveil
Club Head Unveil - 2022

13. Event “Blood Donation Drive” by Initiate dt 25th July 2022 – poster making competition

Description: most medical care depends on a steady supply of blood from donors, as one in seven people entering the hospital need blood. As cancer care increases, so does the demand for blood and platelet donations. An adequate amount of blood is needed in all health care facilities to meet the urgent need for patients facing trauma and other lifesaving procedures, such as blood transfusions – which saves millions of lives each year. Donating blood is a simple procedure that can be done within an hour. With an aim to raise awareness regarding the significance of regular blood donations, and importance of keeping the health sector with a stable blood supply, Initiate Cell on behalf of SCHC had conducted a poster competition. The poster making competition was officially themed, ‘Donate Blood & Keep the World Beating!’ was a submission-based event in which students came forward to lend a hand and take a step forward in voicing the concern, bringing to light for Blood Donation, to save millions of lives.

Blood Donation Drive
Blood Donation Drive poster making competition

14. Event “Environment & Plastic 450” by Drammebaaz & Panorama dt 28TH & 29TH July 222

Description: Drammebaaz in collaboration with Panorama conducted a campaign, “Plastic 450”, to spread awareness among the students of SCMS about the dangers of using single use plastics and bad waste management. an E-pledge, designed by Panorama, was shared and students were requested to post it on different social media platforms. On July 29th, 2022 Drammebaaz organized and performed a street play on the theme of World Environment Day and World No Plastic Day. The street play displayed the ignorance of people regarding usage of plastics and waste management. The street play was followed by a speech about what are the steps our institution has taken to reduce plastic usage and waste. The end of the event had the council members and all the club heads taking a photo with a poster made by Panorama to celebrate World Environment Day.

Environment & Plastic 450
Environment & Plastic 450 - SCMS

15. Event : “Naye Bharat Ki Tasveer” by Panorama dt 5th Aug 2022

Description : A 30-minute zoom call, a photography event hosted by “Nimayate Corporate Solutions” in association with Wagh Bakri Tea. The motive of the photography contest is to showcase the development beauty of India captured by the citizens was held to thoroughly explain the occurrence and help address any lingering questions. For this event we were asked to capture “Ek cup chai” keeping in mind we capture the beauty of India & tea – make sure the tea cup is visible in the picture along with our idea of Naye Bharat Ki Tasveer. To authenticate our work, we decided to use traditional tea cups “Cutting Chai cups” and captured few pictures. Further uploaded our photos while completing the form they gave, and then we lastly followed their Instagram account, waghbakritea. official to confirm our participation. Some Pictures taken:

Naye Bharat Ki Tasveer
Naye Bharat Ki Tasveer - photography contest

16. Event “Independence Day 2022” by Step up Encore. Symposia Dated 15th Aug 2022

Event Description: The Cultural Committee of SCMS, organized an event named “Independence Day Event” on the 15th of August 2022.This event was hosted by the Cultural committee in association with the Dance club of SCMS Pune, Step Up to create a patriotic dance video on the occasion of 75th Independence Day. On 15th August, the event was in the form of a pre recorded video showcasing a systematic compilation of dance performed by the members of Step Up crew, entailing around 30 second segment each of 4 songs. The focus of the video was to showcase a patriotic and emotional performance in order to celebrate the 75th Independence Day. On 15th August the video was posted on both the official page of SCMS Pune as well as the official page of Step Up

Independence Day 2022
Independence Day 2022 - SCMS

17. Event “Musical Evenings with Encore” by Encore dated 24th Aug 2022

Small performance in the Amphitheatre featuring the female band and blues guitar. In Amphitheatre - Encore would like to conduct a small performance in the amphitheatre. The performance will be around 20-25 minutes and it will encourage the students to perform on stage.

Musical Evenings with Encore
Musical Evenings with Encore - SCMS

18. Event “Book Donation Drive” by Initiate cell, Date: August 30, 2022

Description: Initiate Cell conducted a book donation drive with a significant number of books from the college library. The books were donated to Saiesh Enterprises, a local library run by Mr. Mangesh Kothari. The books donated will be useful for the students visiting the library.

Book Donation Drive
Book Donation Drive by SCMS

19. Teachers’ Day Celebration - Event Report Name of the Committee: Cultural Committee Date of the event: 5th September 2022 Amphitheatre

Description: The Cultural Committee of SCMS, organized an event named “Teachers’ Day Celebration, to show the immense gratitude that we students feel towards our beloved teachers of SCMS, Pune, with a cake cutting ceremony in which Adya ma’am along with other faculty members cut the cake, followed by a flashmob dance performance with Step Up Crew performance on songs .We also wished the teachers present and gave them flowers as a token of appreciation.

Teachers’ Day Celebration
Teachers’ Day Celebration SCMS
Teachers’ Day Celebration - SCMS
Teachers’ Day Celebration - SCMS Pune

20. Event "Made in SCMS" by E Cell dated 15/9/2022

Event Description: “Made In SCMS” is an online webinar session conducted by E-Cell the entrepreneurship club of SCMS, Pune the event was based on the start-ups founded by SCMS Alumni where they will speak about their experiences in running and founding a company and at the same time share their insights on how SCMS exposed and motivated start-up culture to their students.

The event was conducted in online NDLI platform through google meet and had founders of two companies – White Collar and Growth Heads Digital the guests were: -

  1. Ananth Jethalia-WhiteCollar
  2. Sohil Srivastava-Growth Heads Digital
  3. Utkarsh Natta-Growth Heads Digital. During the course of the event, the guests presented on how to build their start-ups and where to your own start-up journey as students and they also spoke of other important factors in the entrepreneurship Industry like how to procure funding, Initial struggles, and social media marketing and so
Made In SCMS
Made In SCMS - online webinar
Made In SCMS by E-Cell

21. Event "Swachata Pakhwada- Cleanliness Drive" by Initiate dated 16/9/2022

Event Description: Swachhata Pakhwada had an objective of bringing a fortnight of intense focus on the issues and practices of Swachhata. Initiate cell conducted a cleanliness drive on inside the campus premises and nearby areas & went around on the road adjacent to the college to collect plastic waste.

Swachata Pakhwada- Cleanliness Drive
Swachata Pakhwada- Cleanliness Drive by SCMS
Swachata Pakhwada- Cleanliness Drive by SCMS, Pune

22. Event “ Around the BBA in 30 min” by Academic Cell dated 28/9/2022

Description: “Around the BBA in 30 minutes” was an event organized by the Academic Cell for the purpose of providing the incoming batch with a clearer idea about the workings of the college and to clarify any and all queries they had regarding the college and college activities. The event had discussion about -

  1. Academic Structure at SCMS - Courses, Specialisation, Credits etc.
  2. Student Activities and Hierarchy.
  3. Learning Opportunities beyond Clubs- MOOCs, Guest lectures and online Certifications.
  4. What is Academic Cell and its functions
  5. Importance of Online Presence - The benefits of having a profile on LinkedIn.

This was followed by a Q & A session by Shakthi Sundaram, Rebanta Saha, Aparna Jain, Shlok Mittal & Dhruv Rao, where the students got a chance to clear all the doubts they had regarding the college curriculum and co-curricular activities. The event turned out to be a huge success with the presence of 90+ Students. The entire session was very informative and gave a good clarity to the students. The feedback received from the attendees has been very positive and appreciative.

Images and video from the event:


1. Click & Run

Click & Run: Photography event in form of a treasure hunt:

SCMS Pune - Error Image

2. Conoscenza

Conoscenza is the annual intra college business fest that takes place exclusively for the First-Year students.

SCMS Pune - Event - Conoscenza

3. Drammebazz Crew Launch

Drammebazz Crew Launch : Introduction of the Crew members of Drammebazz, the dramatics club of SCMS Pune.

SCMS Pune - Event - Drammebazz

4. Step up Crew Launch

Step up Crew Launch – Introductory Performance of the newly recruited dance crew of Step up – The Dance Club of SCMS Pune.

SCMS Pune - Event - Step up

5. Cult Nights

Cult Nights – The annual five day cultural extravaganza hosted by the cultural committee.

SCMS Pune - Event - Cult Nights

6. Dine in Darkness

Dine in Darkness: Dine in the dark was hosted by Initiate Cell to provide a culinary experience to the audience in order to raise funds to support local charities that provide shelter to the visually impaired.

SCMS Pune - Event - Dine17

7. Electronic Nights

Electronic Nights: Electronic Nights is the flagship event of Encore which brings together EDM enthusiasts to ensure that the students have a fulfilled evening while watching their peers perform.

SCMS Pune - Event - Electronics

8. Entremania

Entremania : E-cell hosted Entremania to teach students the basics of how a startup works through a business plan type of team competition.

SCMS Pune - Event - Entremania

9. Evince’17

Evince’17: Symposia hosted its very first panel group discussion/debate with the aim of showing students how a group discussion is meant to be done. Various government policies and current affairs were discussed by the panel members, leading to fruitful debate.

SCMS Pune - Event - Evince

10. The Formals 2.0

10 The Formals 2.0: Initiate, Encore and Step up came together to host a prom night event where the students dressed up elegantly and graced the night with their enthusiasm. The proceeds from the event went to an NGO.

SCMS Pune - Event - Formals

11. Homecoming

Homecoming – “Who is going to be your king and queen” : was hosted by Think Tank, the marketing club of SCMS Pune.

SCMS Pune - Event - Homecoming

12. JAM – Just a Minute

The literary and film appreciation club hosted JAM event which witnessed flock of SY and TYs competing to prove their superiority and control over the English language.

SCMS Pune - Event - JAM

13.King of Fandoms

King of Fandoms – Academy hosted Kingdom of Fandoms exclusively for the First Years to test their quizzing and trivia skills.

SCMS Pune - Event - King of Fandoms

14. King’s Speech

King’s Speech Think Tank conducted their annual workshop – King’s Speech featuring Anil Lamba,the author of a bestselling novel.

SCMS Pune - Event - Speech

15. Anubhav’18

Anubhav’18 : E-cell hosted a seminar graced by esteemed entrepreneurs as speakers to give the students insights into the world of entrepreneurship.

SCMS Pune - Event - Anubhav 18

16. Charades Pe Charcha

Charades Pe Charcha Drammebazz hosted charades pe charcha – an event where two participants had to enact a particular situation in which they were stuck.

SCMS Pune - Event - Charades

17. Kurukshetra’18

Kurukshetra’18 Students participated in Kurukshetra, Hosted by Flame University and bagged prizes in various events.

SCMS Pune - Event - Kurukshetra

18. Bass Camp – Music Mixing Workshop

Bass Camp – Music Mixing Workshop This workshop was conducted to familiarize students with music mixing software and the various tools that can be used to enhance the final output.

SCMS Pune - Event - Bass

19. Map Your Life – M.Y.L.E

The Academic cell conducted M.Y.L.E, a new event concept in form of a guest lecture where the guest narrated his career journey to the students. Mr. Abishek Kumar, the co-founder of Aptex Global solutions was invited as the first ever guest speaker for the M.Y.L.E series.

20. Practically impractical - sell the unsellable

Think Tank hosted Practically impractical to challenge students into selling products that are practically unsellable in the most creative way possible.

SCMS Pune - Event - Impractical

21. Snapathon:

Snapathon was hosted by Think Tank to create buzz about social media marketing through snapchat application.

22. The Playbook

SCMS Pune - Event - Playbook

23. Verbattle:

SCMS Pune - Event - Verbattle

1. A Tale of Markets (workshop)

A seminar on Finance by Prof. Sundeep Bedi organized by the Academic Cell.

SCMS Pune - Event - Telemarket
SCMS Pune - Event - Telemarket

2. Around the BBA in 30 Min

The workshop was held by the Academic Cell where the first year students were guided on how to manage their studies along with other college activities.

SCMS Pune - Event - Around the BBA
SCMS Pune - Event - Around the BBA

3. Myle

This seminar by the Academic Cell made the students aware of the various specializations that SCMS, Pune offers to its students and what roles the students get to play after graduating from these roles.

SCMS Pune - Event - Myle

4. On-Insight

This workshop was organized by Think Tank discussing Public Relations. The speakers were Mr. Prashant Golecha and Mrs. Vasudha Lal.

SCMS Pune - Event - On Insight
SCMS Pune - Event - On Insight

5. Perfect strangers

This was an Online Social Media based competition organized by Dramebaaz beautifully covering the Hollywood/Bollywood theme.

SCMS Pune - Event - Perfect Strangers
SCMS Pune - Event - Perfect Strangers

6. Pume Ge

This event was organized by Think Tank consisting of a variety of rounds ending the final with a dance face-off.

SCMS Pune - Event - Pume Ge
SCMS Pune - Event - Pume Ge

7. Shor - A street play

Shor was organized by Dramebaaz was a self directed play spreading awareness about Moral policing and the horrific reality and consequences thereof.

SCMS Pune - Event - Shor a Street Play
SCMS Pune - Event - Shor a Street Play

8. Social media event

This event was conducted by Dramebaaz to test the BOLLYWOOD enthusiasm among the college students.

SCMS Pune - Event - Social Media Event

9. Symbi stock exchange

This event was conducted by Monetrix where the students acted as investors gaining knowledge about the Stock exchange putting in their skills practically.

SCMS Pune - Event - Exchange
SCMS Pune - Event - Exchange

10. Symphony

This was a band competition comprising a bit of rock and soothing music organized by Encore.

SCMS Pune - Event - Symphony

11. The Desi street

This event was organized by Think Tank having a series of food, games and item stalls.

SCMS Pune - Event - The Desi Street
SCMS Pune - Event - The Desi Street

12. The play book

This was a Symposia workshop in collaboration with 'Drink your selfie' asking students to witness the experiences of a food blogger and a Social Media Influencer, Ritu Sharma.

SCMS Pune - Event - The Play Book
SCMS Pune - Event - The Play Book

13. The production

This was a running stage play adapted from Anurag Kashyap's movie, "GULAAL" organized by Dramebaaz.

SCMS Pune - Event - The Production
SCMS Pune - Event - The Production

14. Conoscenza

To incorporate corporate exposure. An intra college business festival organized by the Academic Cell to help students understand the practicality of the corporate world and prep them for outstation fests

SCMS Pune - Event - Conoscenza

15. Crew launch step up

The dance club of SCMS, Step Up, put their best foot forward and presented a breath-taking performance, in order to showcase the talent of the new crew which has come in.

SCMS Pune - Event - Launch Step Up

16. Crime scene

Inspired by the game Cluedo. The theme was a murder mystery. This event was organized by Academy of SCMS, Pune.

SCMS Pune - Event - Crime Scene

17. Cult Nights

An interactive 5 day event organized by Cult Comm. for first year students to break the ice and showcase their talent in different fields like sports,open mic, play etc.

SCMS Pune - Event - Cult Nights

18. Finance City 2

To promote financial literacy through a variety of fun games organized by Monetrix.

SCMS Pune - Event - Finance City

19. Flash Mod

A flash mob by members of step up along with other participants trained by step up members to promote “fitness through dance”

SCMS Pune - Event - Flash Mod

20. Fun Fair

Initiate cell flagship event a fair with a mascot.

SCMS Pune - Event - Fun FAIR

21. Guitar workshop

Short mini course of one hour for people who are interested in learning guitar organized by Encore.

SCMS Pune - Event - Guitar workshop

22. How to win cult night

Briefing first-year students about events and activities in cult night and giving them tips and tricks to win it organized by Cult Comm.

SCMS Pune - Event - Cult Nights

23. Jam session

An open jam session will music enthusiasts can come together and sing, play and enjoy their favourite songs organized by Encore.

SCMS Pune - Event - Jam Session

24. Mark eat

Spreading awareness about different campaigns and taglines of corporations in the form of a competition organized by Think Tank.

SCMS Pune - Event - Mark Eat

25. Movie night

Movie screening of a Hindi movie, on the first day of intra-sympulse, to bring together participants, organisers and students. This event was organized Think Tank.

SCMS Pune - Event - Movie Night
SCMS Pune - Event - Movie Night

1.Around The BBA in 30 Minutes

Write-Up :Around the BBA in 30 minutes was an event organized by the Academic Cell for the purpose of providing the incoming batch with a clearer idea about the workings of the college and to clarify any and all queries they had regarding the college. The entire session was viewed as a power-packed session which gave us the opportunity to interact with the new batch and vice versa.

2.Enactus Briefing session

Write-Up :Enactus Briefing session hosted by the Enactus president was an event conducted with the purpose to explain the mission and objectives of Enactus SCMS, Pune. The regular field visits, conducting of qualitative and quantitative surveys grasped the attention of the audience. Work of every department under Enactus was explained by respective Department Heads.

3.Mono Acts

Write-Up :The Dramatics club of SCMS,Pune Drammebaaz organised the first event of the academic year to showcase the plethora of talent the new batch possesses to the new batch of students. The basic agenda of the event was to increase the visibility of the club in the college.

4.Feast Board Workshop 1.0

Write-Up :The inaugural event of the fest board was conducted with the aim of introducing the board to the new students. Students were briefed about the upcoming fests mainly Atharv : IIM Indore. Students were also given the opportunity to register for the events on the spot post the workshop.

5.Club core committee unveil

Write-Up :On 22nd July 2019 in the SCMS Lobby, the Student Council unveiled the core committees of all the Clubs/Cells/Boards for the AY 2019-20. The core members were selected after conducting multiple screening rounds.

6.Flash Mob

Write-Up :The Dance Club of SCMS Pune, Step-Up Crew, put up an electrifying performance in the year 2109-20 for their Flash Mob. The performance was held in the Campus Plaza and was welcomed and witnessed by students with warm cheers. The audience was left awestruck by the graceful choreography and energetic by the graceful choreography of the crew.

7.Walk the street-Promenade

Write-Up :The Dramatics Club and Editorial Board of SCMS,Pune organised Walk the Street in the auditorium to break the ice between the batches along with them to have fun and enjoy the city's downpours. The basic agenda for the event was to help the newer batches to gel well with others and enjoy a night full of drama, dance and fun.

8.Finance 101

Write-Up :Organised by the Investment Board of SCMS,Pune ‘Finance 101’ was a workshop conducted to provide attendees with valuable insights into the financial world and basics of trading in the stocks. The speaker for the workshop was Mr. Promod P.B, a postgraduate in B.Law and English


Write-Up :Encore, the music club of SCMS conducted an event SYNCORENIZE to launch its new core members. The event had a variety of music with a lot of instruments used such as the jenga and a hindi performance as well. The audience was mesmerised by the vocals of the performers.

10.Are SCMS students better than ELON Musk

Write-Up :Conducted by the Entrepreneurship Cell of SCMS,Pune this workshop was organised with the motive to appreciate how our daily life has a strong link to entrepreneurship. To convey the message videos, presentations and conversations were taken help of. The workshop was attended by a huge group of students and received amazing feedback.


Write-Up : Panorama, the photography club of SCMS organised Panofiesta and an event with 4 stations each having different games. Despite the scorching heat the event received a lot of buzz and hence also received on the spot registrations. Each and every participant enjoyed a lot.

12.Mind Fizz 1.0

Write-Up : Students in teams of 2 participated in Symposia’s (The Debating & Quizzing Club of SCMS,Pune) Mind Fizz. An amalgamation of treasure hunt and debate competition Mind Fizz was a wave of fresh energy. The participants were judged on the basis of content, confidence and spontaneity. Top 2 teams of the event with gift vouchers from the event sponsor.

13.The Ironical

Write-Up :Think-Tank, the marketing and advertising club of SCMS Pune conducted ‘The Ironical’ to test the knowledge of the students in the area of Branding. Out of 100 participants, 16 shortlisted finalists were asked Ironical questions about brands they guessed right. The event received positive feedback from everyone.

14.The Red Carpet

Write-Up :When Initiate Cell (Social Welfare and Environmental Awareness Cell), Encore (The Music Club), Step Up (The Dancing Club) and Panorama (The photography and videography Club) of SCMS,Pune come together, an event that mesmerizes each and everyone in the college is bound to happen. Annual Charity ball event of SCMS witnessed a great turn-out of 200+ students who not only came all dressed up to enjoy but also donated as per their capacity to the charity. Students from all three institutes SVC contributed to the huge success of the event.

15.Conoscenza 19

Write-Up :Conoscenza, the intra college business fest of Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies, is an initiative taken by the Academic Cell to provide students with the opportunity to get a wind of how the corporate world works. The theme for this year was ‘Battle of the Varsities’. The attributes of Conoscenza being an elegant and professional business fest were maintained throughout the course.

16.Teacher’s Day

Write-Up :Celebrated on the 5th of September the event on the occasion of Teacher’s Day was an exhibit of love and respect by the students of the college towards their hardworking faculty. Encore and Step Up performed on the occasion. In addition to that, award ceremony was held in which various awards were given to the faculty members.


Write-Up :Drammebaaz, the dramatics club of SCMS,Pune performed a street play on cyber harassment which leads to Depression and then death of a young girl.With footfall of above 100 students, the show was a hit and garnered appreciation from every viewer. Students listened in rapt attention and were eager to know more.

18.How to Start Small?

Write-Up :A guest lecture was conducted by the Finance Club of SCMS Pune, Monetrix. It was an in-depth insight of how to invest at a young age of 18 and how such an early investment will reap great benefits in the future. The speaker of the afternoon was Mr. Shital Shah, from Star Financials. The lecture involved discussion on his insights from the topics of SIPs, SWPs and Mutual Funds.


Write-Up :Nemesis was a treasure hunt event organised by The Academy, the film and literature appreciation club of SCMS,Pune. The event went along with the lines of treasure hunt with a tagger of each team who had to chase their respective teams before they could touch down with their treasures to the starting point. After an energetic part, the participants and taggers were on course for a very fun time.

20.NGO Visit - Nirmal Seva Mahila Vrudhashram

Write-Up :Core members of the social welfare club - Initiate Cell of SCMS, Pune went for an NGO visit. An initiative towards social service, students from the college went to visit an Old Age Home called Nirmala Seva Mahila Vrudhashram to spend time with the residents. It was a lovely and wholesome experience for the students.

21. Finance 102 Workshop

Write-Up :The event by the Investment board and Monetrix promoted financial literacy and raised awareness about credit transactions and verification. It saw an overall participation of 60+ students

22. Cult Nights

Write-Up :The Cult Nights were organised as an ice-breaker by the Cultural Committee with the virtue of which class participation and peer-to-peer bonding would increase. It also aimed to introduce the FY students to the multiple cultural facets of the college . The overall participation went upto 300+ students

23. Playbook 3.0

Write-Up :The Symposia event seeing a participation of over 70+ students aimed to enhance the public speaking skills of the students via a training session

24. Dine in Darkness

Write-Up :Dine in Darkness wanted our students to discover a sensory journey, a human exchange and a social conviviality. To help achieve our motive we were supported by the Churro Co and they contributed to us with their delightful food. Team Initiate blindfolded our students, there were 30 teams of two, any one of them had to be blindfolded and others had to lead them to their next task.

25. Event Nrittyachhaya

Write-Up :The members of Step Up - The Dance Club of SCMS Pune organised a 7 day workshop comprising over 35 students. The event concluded with a dance performance by the attendees at SCMS itself.

26.Chai pe Charcha

Write-Up :Chai Pe Charcha is a discussion event organized by Symposia. The event had participation from 8 individuals. The topics for this edition. were 'Does Symbi Culture exsit?' and 'Is rape normalized in India?" It was an interactive session as students from first and second years discussed these topics and put forth many points. Chai was served to all participants.

27. Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat

Write-Up :A new Club has been introduced as part of the extracurricular activities of the college "Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat Club", The two states that were paired up were Maharashtra and Odisha. The event consisted of activities such as a 'Quiz' and 'Guess the State' to test the knowledge of the students regarding both the states' diversity, culture. All the students participated with great enthusiasm and enjoyed the event. Instilled a sense of pride among the students belonging to the state of Maharashtra and Odisha. As it was in the lobby more than 30 students participated along with a few Faculty and Staff.

28. Carn-Evil

Write-Up :A funfair was organised by THINK TANK and INITIATE CELL. on Friday the 13th, which had various ve locking elements such as Iappy Vendors. Sparky Vibse and exuberant Student, the artistic stalls. The evening started with chirpiness of excited students looking at time followed by a tuneful performance by Joel D'souza. The hours passed by in a blink with different stories to tell by each stall !!

29. Impressions

Write-Up :The Dance Club of SCMS Pune, STEP-UP Crew, put up an e&i karat performance at Impressions, the prestigious fest hosted by College Of Engineering, Pune (COEP). Step Up participated in the Street Dance category*y - 'Street Fonvard', a platform where various crews had participated to bag the first position. The duration of the event was 4 hours.

30. Jokers Unveil

Write-Up :The event by Dramebaaz was to unveil the identity of the fourth gang leader, the joker. There was a team of 5 jokers who roamed around the entire campus. One of the jokers shoots the others and reveals his identity. Just as he was removed? his mask, the true joker kills him and shows his true face

31. The Heat Check

Write-Up :Drammebaaz, the theatre club of SCMS Pune, successfully conducted Heat Check- The first every reality show to be conducted on the campus. The event consists of two days Day 1 (4:30 PM -8:00 PM) involved 4 team leaders taking part in two.humungous tasks. We get to witness team spirit on this day. Day 2 (3:30-5:30 PM) involved the finale. After a lot of excitement and adrenaline, the winning team won a cash prize of 8000

32. Incubation Workshop

Write-Up :Organised by the ECELL this was an usual workshop to create awareness about what incubation is, How it is helpful for the startups and What all resources are available for startups at SCEI. All the aspiring entrepreneurs of SCMS, Pune attended the workshop in order to get guidance and mentorship from the experts.

33. Christmas Carnival

Write-Up :Christmas Eve was celebrated by the Cultural Committee on the 24th of December Students from SCMS,SID and SCMC came to the campus Plaza to see the decorated Christmas Tree and put their Christmas wishes as post-it notes. it was a fun attraction for many students who participated heartily in true Christmas Spirit

34. MYLE Talk

Write-Up :The seminar was held by the Academic Cell in order to provide information about all the specializations that SCMS, Pune offers to the students and what roles do the students get in various corporations .. To sum up, they were given several tips and advice on how to choose a career and get the best out of it as well as how to go up on the corporate ladder. The following Guest Speakers were invited: - Mr T Rammohan : CA by profession, with an experience of 20 years of teaching CAT aspirants.Now a Senior Mentor at Career Launcher, Pune. -Yash Lunavat: Alumni (2014-17)

35. Production - Gulaal 2.0

Write-Up :On January 30, 2020 The dramatics club of SCMS, Pune organized their final event of the academic year 2019-2020-Production- Rakth Charitha in the SCMS Auditorium at 4. The event was open to all and the witnessed footfall was around is a stage adaptation of Ram Gopal Verma's movie under the same name. The performance delves into the normali, odd- happenings of Rayalaseema- a small town in South India How politics, lies and deceit create an intricate and a complex web, is the main focus of the play. It showcases the transition in the basic traits of human characters, upon facing personal loss and tragedy. In simple words, it is a revenge saga- a story narrated by the constant splatter of blood

36. Swachhta Pakhwada

Write-Up :The swachhta pledge taking ceremony was conducted on 16 January 2020 by the Initiate Club of Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies, Pune. The event saw a great turnout of over 30 students along with our faculty members and Ms. Adya Sharma, Director SCMS PUNE. Everyone present in the balcony raised their hands to pledge working hard towards making the society a better place to live by understanding the sensitivity towards environment and its prevention

Teachers Day 21” Cultural Committee, 5th September 2021.

“Around the BBA in 30 min” by Academic Cell, Date - 22nd Sept 2021

“Pitchers” by E-Cell , Date 28th & 29th Sep 2021

“Welcome to the Cult” by Cultural Committee dt 30th Sep 21

“Introduction of Creative Arts Category Video” by Panorama dt 30th Sep 2021

“Consulting 101” by Consulting Board dt 1st Oct 21,

“Gandhi Jayanti” by Initiate Cell dt 2nd Oct 21

“Inkit 2.0” by Drammabaaz dt 4th & 6th Oct 21,

Rhapsody” by Encore Music Club, , Dt 07/10/2021.

Knock-out” by Symposia dt 8th October 2021

Step it up- Game Show

‘Observance of Vigilance Awareness Week’ by Initiate dated 26/10/21 to 1/11/21

Azaadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav by- Dramebaaz, dated 19th Nov 21

“Brick Wall” by Symposia – dt 23rd Nov2021

Lucrative Career Opportunities for Finance Enthusiasts” by Investment Board, dt 26th Nov 2021 “Just Marketing” Think Tank Date of event- 27th Nov 2021

“Inferno by ISDI, School of Design and Innovation” by Cultural committee dated 27th 29th Nov

“Initiation Station” by the Initiate cell

Consultants Toolkit: Webinar Guesstimates by Consulting Board dated 10th Dec 21

“Finlatics Webinar + Live Project Opportunity” by monetrix dated 20th Dec

Christmas Celebration ( “NGO Visit to Maher Ashram Pune” by Initiate 24th Dec 2021)

“Republic Day Performance” by Encore 26th Jan 2022

“Water Conservation – Who’s responsibility is it?” by Symposia, 21st Jan 2022

Startup Stories: Kaagaz App-Webinar” by E Cell, dated 1st Feb 2022,

“The Final Marketer” by Think tank, Date-7 th -8th Feb 2022,

“Nebula 2.0” by E Cell, Date of the Event: 18th and 19th Feb 2022

Elysium 2.0” by The Academy, Date of the Event: 18th Feb, 2022

“Matribhasha Diwas” (Mother Language day by Cultural Committee, Date of the event: 21st Feb,2022

“Conoscenza 2022” by Academic, dated 24,25,26th Feb 2022

Induction Programme for Batch 2022-25

Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies, Pune welcomed students of the new batch of 2022-25 with splendour and enthusiasm. A week-long Induction Programme from 19 September to 23rd September was a great icebreaker for the new students which helped them to get into a smooth transition into their new campus life and create social bonds. The students and parents both were present in large numbers. Students were very excited to come to the college as they are going to experience campus life in person after two years.

The ceremony was graced by distinguished, experienced, and eminent speakers from the industry as well as from the civic administration. Day 1 of the Induction Programme was graced by Mr. Ranjan Kumar Sharma, DIGP in CID of Pune Maharashtra and Mr. Ravi Gogia, the President of FIAT India Automobiles Private Limited. SCMS Pune continued its tradition of inviting Alumni to address the new batch where Day 2 of the Induction included a panel discussion of distinguished alumni, Mr. Abhimanyu Asija- Managing Director at SOMMET India, Mr. Siddhant Metha - Co Founder of Kitchens Hospitality LLP and Nature’s Element and Ms. Priyanjali Kharbas – Vice President of People Practices and Culture at Agrostar. The alumni discussed and shared their learning and nostalgic memories at SCMS. On the third day, Mrs. Beena Mandrekar, the DTM, Toastmasters conducted a very engaging and enlightening session for students. To conclude the Induction Programme, students were taken to an Outbound trip on DAY 4 where they thoroughly enjoyed playing different games in the serenity of Pune’s beautiful climate and on DAY 5 students were taken to a visit to Symbiosis International University campus and to the Symbiosis Society’s Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Museum and Memorial.

SCMS Pune - Induction-program
SCMS Pune - Induction-program

SCMS Pune - Induction-program
SCMS Pune - Induction-program