Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies strongly believes that it’s vision, mission and objectives should be reflected in the various activities and initiatives it undertakes and does not remain only on paper. The institute’s objectives of overall personality development: physical, social and intellectual are fulfilled through the various activities it undertakes in the entire year.

Conoscenza 2014

Conoscenza is the intra business and knowledge fest of Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies , a pure student initiative. The name, an Italian word meaning ‘knowledge’, was conceived keeping in mind the notion that the event was a culmination of knowledge based events.

Conoscenza had business events like Best Manager, Finance, Marketing, Best Entrepreneur, Human Resources, Public Relations, Quiz and knowledge events like Journalist hunt, Debate, Creative writing, JAM and games like Chess, Jenga, Scrabble, Taboo, Pictionary and many more.

Cult Nites

Cult Nites are the first occasion for the first years to formally interact with each other, have a lot of fun and make memories that last a lifetime. It is one of the most memorable times for any student at SCMS. This 5 day-long festival includes various competitions. Each class stands united throughout and puts in their best efforts to make it to the trophies.

Although organized by SID this year, our college put up few brilliant performances on Independence Day. The clubs which performed were Encore and Step Up. Step Up presented a classical Indian dance and Encore presented relaxing sufi music.

Eid and Raksha Bandhan Celebrations (22nd August)

Eid and Raksha Bandhan Celebrations were carried out on a grande level this year. We had club performances by Drammebaaz, Step Up and Encore. Drammebaaz had done a performance on importance of Ramadan, while Encore did a wonderful performance singing Kabeli songs. Step Up performed an amazing dance as well. We had invited Directors from SID and SIMC as well as the Director along with faculty members of SCMS.

The campus administrator, C.V. Mohan was also invited for this auspicious program. The catering was done from a variety of places and students enjoyed delicacies like sewaiyan, gulab jamun, pakodas and shawarmas. A mehendi stall in the lobby gave all students and faculty members an opportunity to apply mehendi on their hands for free. In addition to this, a rangoli making competition was organized for all international students.

Dandiya Night

Conducted on 29th September 2014, we celebrated this festive occasion with great pomp and show in the SVC amphitheatre. Students from SID, SIMC and SCMS were a part of this extravaganza and prizes for best dressed and best performer were given out. Food and drinks were also arranged and all the students had a really good time!

Hand of God- Monetrix

This year Monetrix- the finance club of SCMS came back with its biggest event from last year “Hand of God” v2.0 on 9th September 2014. It was divided in two rounds – elimination round and the final round. It was a team based event, having four people in each team.

The elimination round was conducted in TY-D on the 6th floor of the college. There were about 22 teams that took part in this round. Each team was given a set of 20 questions of 1 mark each. They were given 15 minutes each to solve these questions. These questions were based on football and transfer market. Participants were not allowed to use internet for these answers. One team scored a 20/20 and was directly sent to the final round.

For the final round 8 teams were chosen on the basis of the elimination round. The final round was based on transfer market. Each team had to bid for a club. They were given an option of 10 clubs. Participants were given a list of the teams were a fixed capital for the same. After acquiring the clubs, teams had to take out 9 players and put them up for auction for other teams to buy. They were only allowed to buy 7 players, such that their squad was of only 21 players.

After that they were asked to make a squad for one match out of the players left with them. Teams had to keep in mind that each player could play only 2 matches in total and there were only 4 matches to be played. After that a surprise element was introduced. Teams could now buy legends. These players had a higher base price, no salary, fetched more revenue and could only play one match. After the auction, participants were asked to send their squads for 3 more matches and then these were uploaded on Facebook for the teams to collect likes.


After pulling off successful events like ‘Tribute To The Legends’ and ‘Crew Launch’, it was time to put up another great show. EDM being one of the most popular genres today, Encore decided on hosting ‘War of DJs’. The event was an inter-college competition which involved five DJs showcasing their skills and battling it out to prove themselves.

The event took place on the 3rd September, 2014. We had participants from SCMS, SIMC and SID. The venue was the highlight of the evening. We organized the competition in our college basement. Right from contacting the sound technicians, decorating the basement with lights to marketing the event, the afternoon of 3rd September was a busy affair for Encore.

As the clock struck 5, we were finally through with our work and were ready to roll. The basement was flooded with a humungous crowd- something which hadn’t happened in this college before. The footfall was around 250 students. Our judge for the evening were tripshot crew, a well known duo from Mumbai and Harshman, who has enormous experience and has played numerous gigs.

Participant after participant, the crowd continued to be entertained and enthralled. They cast their votes on post-its for the participant who they thought was the most deserving. After a long two hours of cheering, clapping and dancing, the event came to a close. The results were announced the next day. Devansh from SID took the cake and was declared as the winner.


Symposia- The debating & quizzing club and MUNSOC- TheMunning club of SCMS, Pune had conducted the event of Loksabha- Youth Parliament in collaboration. The event was held on 6th September, 2014. It was an inter-collegiate event. There were participants from SLS, SSLA and SCMS. Venue for the same was the Mini A/V room on 5th floor. The event started at 9:30 am and ended at 5:30 pm. The speaker for the Loksabha was Miss. Bhawani Kumar, a student from SLS. The event was being scored by Bhawani Kumar and Vinayak Bajaj, Co-head of MUNSOC club. There were 23 participants and the Topic for the same was Article 370- ‘Special autonomous status to Jammu and Kashmir’. The sessions in Loksabha were interesting with the Opposition party holding more weight in their arguments. In the end the bill got rejected and the Opposition party won. The 1st winner was ShashankDerhagan from SLS. He received a cash prize of Rs. 2000, a coupon of Lunch for two in Portobella restaurant and a certificate. The 2nd winner was Jasprit Sudan, who received a cash prize of Rs. 1000, a coupon of Lunch for two in Portobella restaurant and a certificate. The 3rd winner was Nischay Jain and he received a coupon of Lunch for two in Portobella restaurant, a certificate and a t-shirt from Urbanedge. Rest of the participants got certificates for participation.


This was an event which was based entirely on sports, conducted by Symposia on 10th September, 2014. The participants were required to register in a team of two. There was a classic question paper round for eliminations. Out of the total 25 participants, finally 6 participants were selected for the final round. For the finals, there were 4 rounds. The finals were conducted in the lobby. The 1st position was secured by Siddharth Luthra and Siddhant Patni. The 2nd position was secured by Mohit Jain and Nikunj Khandelwal. The 3rd position was secured by Arjun Bansal and Tirath Singh.


Vasundhara, in its fourth event for the semester, brought to all five institutions of Symbiosis Viman Nagar Campus, a chance to bring art, management and marketing together, in a way no one could’ve imagined. With a two part competition, held on 13th and 15th September, it aimed to find creative and out of the box ways to get students to understand the importance of environmental conservation- through painting, drawing and sketching. Having teamed up with the NGO Blue Cross especially for this event, the club hoped to spread awareness on prevalent issues such as animal cruelty. In the first part of the competition, the participants were given a white chart paper, and were allowed to paint, draw or sketch, and let their imaginations run wild, only restricted by the theme- the Environment. In the second part of the competition, participants were told to sell their paintings, for the purpose of a fundraiser, a portion of which was promised as a return to them for working so hard at raising funds. The rest, was directed to the NGO for vaccination of dogs, and proper treatment of them. The club managed to donate 10000+ rupees toward the NGO and managed to keep their participants just as happy. The participants were not only happy, but pleasantly surprised by the way the event was conducted.


This workshop was conducted by Think Tank on 15 September 2014 and 52 students attended this workshop which discussed various topics of self marketing, how to portray oneself to the optimum so as to influence others around in a positive manner. Students got to know about various fields like self management, body language etc and it definitely helped them a lot.


The 18th of September saw Encore at its peak throughout the semester, bringing the college to an all new high. ‘Battle of the Bands’, a massive event comprising a debacle amongst 15 bands from Pune and Mumbai, was staged for the entire college to witness. The campus was coated with posters and brimming with enthusiasm. The sponsorship support received for the event was enormous. At 12:00 sharp, the lobby of the college campus smelt of the aromas of sandwiches, rolls, biryani and momos. People of the college rushed to the stalls and flooded the entire area for the hours that followed. The turnout at the food stalls was beyond expectations. But that was not it.

For the next four hours the members of the core committee worked continuously calling the different participants, the judges, getting different specifications in place and marketing the event. When the clock finally struck 5:00, the stage was set. The walls of the auditorium began reverberating with the sounds of the MC’s voices – Jasprit Singh Sudan and Rohan Jolly. The finals had officially begun. The show opened with a soulful rendition of ‘Teri Deewani’ by a sponsor ‘DD School of Rock’. The competition was ignited by an eruption of cheers and applause from the audience and the presence of the judges ‘Indo Gypsies’ who had come all the way from Mumbai just for the competition.

Each band kept taking it up a notch and taking the standard of performances higher. One after the other- Moonlight Flame, Switch, Circle of Fifths, Parallel Universe, Altered Theory and After Acoustics- kept enthralling and entertaining the audience and took the competition to a whole new level. The event closed with an acoustic performance by two of the members of ‘Indo Gypsies’. The show finally wrapped up with the judges announcing the results, with ‘After Acoustics’ bagging the first prize.


This event by Drammebaaz had its participation in teams of three people each and there were three rounds for this event. Participants were required to select popular characters of movies, television serials etc. And auction for it with the limited capital they had. The characters were classified into gold and classic categories and each category had its own starting price and auctioning rules. After a heated round of auctioning by all the teams, each team was judged on the resources they had and the category of characters they bought.

3 characters then had to be enacted by the three participants in the team and a short video was required to be shot by the teams. This round as judged on quotients like quality of the video, quality of acting, length of the video, interest building etc.

The last round of the event required the teams to use social media as a tool, to get maximum likes on their video. The event got an amazing response and winners were Shreekar Bhat, Aditya Mishra and Siddharth Gupta.

"Symbiosis Inter-Institute Basketball Tournament"

The Symbiosis Inter-Institute Basketball Tournament was conducted from the 17th of September till the 20th of September at the Symbiosis Institute of Technology, Lavale and was organized by the Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM).

The following students represented the SCMS Pune Boys’ team:
1. Daksh Kaushik - SY
2. Sanskar Poddar - FY
3. Vamsi Amireddy - FY
4. Dhruv Bhave - SY
5. Anik Mondal - FY
6. Atul Mondal - FY
7. Aman Gala - SY
8. Brandon Clyde - SY
9. Neerav Bafana - SY
10. Shivam Mehra - TY
11. Ansh Modi - SY
12. Shourya Chander – TY

The following students represented the SCMS Girls’ team:
1. Samyukta Nair - SY
2. Haripriya Gali - SY
3. Satabdi Patnaik - SY
4. Kareena Parwani - TY
5. Mradushi Singh - FY
6. Amrita Singh - FY
7. Adity Shah - FY
8. Ananya Vasudeva - FY
9. Janavi Kadhiravan - FY
10. Pallavi Singh - FY
11. Samara Godin - FY
12. Prachi Jain - FY

SCMS Pune - Sport - Basket ball men
SCMS Pune - Sport - Basket ball women

"Symbiosis Inter-Institute Cricket Tournament"

Team SCMS Pune cleared Round 1, Round 2, Quarter Finals and Semi Finals all again post grad teams.Final against SSSS (Symbiosis School of Sports Sciences) lost by a close margin.
Well played Team SCMS Pune!!

Amrit Rath (c)
Vansh Bansal (vc)
Samrat Raja
Rithik Reddy
Riddhesh Saraf
Siddharth Ahlawat
Sauveer Raman
Priyansh Agarwal
Shagun Consul
P. Nikhil
Pranav Shroff
Pratik Sureka
Devang Dhingra
Rakshit Gupta
Samarpan Singh

SCMS Pune - Sport - Cricket Tournament
SCMS Pune - Sport - Cricket Tournament
SCMS Pune - Sport - Cricket Tournament
SCMS Pune - Sport - Cricket Tournament
SCMS Pune - Sport - Cricket Tournament

"Symbiosis Inter-Institute Football Championship (Women) "

The Symbiosis Inter-Institute Football Championship was conducted during the 22nd, 23rd and 24th of November, 2019 at the Lavale Hill Top Campus, Pune.

The following participants represented our college:

1. Sai Aishwarya Mullamuri SY (C)
2. Shatakshi Bhosale TY
3. Stuti Puri FY
4. Abigail Binu FY (G)
5. Janavi Kadhiravan FY
6. Muskaan Surdhar FY
7. Soumya Singh SY
8. Amrita Singh FY
9. Arshiya Joshi FY
10. Shairal Dang SY
11. Pankhuri Tyagi SY
12. Riya Mehta SY
14. Oorvi Yarnal SY
15. Samara FY
16. Ananya Vasudeva FY
17. Pallavi Singh FY
18. Radha FY

"Our SCMS Girls football team has successfully backed the 3rd place in the Inter-Institute football tournament. "

SCMS Pune - Sport - Football Women

"Inter-Institute Football Championship (Men)"

The Symbiosis Inter-institute football championship was held between the 22nd of November - 25th of November 2019, at the Lavale Hill Top Campus, Pune.

After a 2 round selection process, a 20-man squad was taken to SIU to represent SCMS, Pune. The squad included:

1) Pulkit Visnoi (Captain) (TY)
2) Rishabh Arora (TY)
3) Ashay Bhullar (TY)
4) Jordan Craig Mawlong (SY)
5) Varun Tyagi (SY)
6) Nishan Rapsang (SY)
7) Pushpendra Solanki (SY)
8) Ray Arjun Abrol (SY)
9) Pranav Shroff (SY)
10) Ansh Modi (SY)
11) Nikhil Maddipatla (FY)
12) Somen Sanjay Kalokhe (FY)
13) Hrutij (FY)
14) Rohan Kachhap (FY)
15) Vibhu Damde (FY)
16) Shwerwin Mendonca (FY)
17) Anshul Pasari (FY)
18) Mehul Singh (FY)
19) Ansh Mahajan (FY)
20) Naman Kothari (FY)

"Our SCMS boys football team has successfully backed the 3rd place in the Inter-Institute football tournament "

SCMS Pune - Sport - Football

"Symbiosis Inter-Institute Badminton Championship"

The Symbiosis Inter-Institute Badminton Championship 2019-20 was organized by Symbiosis Institute of International Business (SIIB) which was held from 30th July 2019 to 2nd August 2019 at Lavale Campus.

A contingent of 11 participants were selected to represent SCMS, Pune at the event (7 boys and 4 girls) The boys' team advanced to the quarter finals & the girls' team advanced till the semifinals. They stood 4th position overall in the tournament.

SCMS Pune - Sport - Badminton
SCMS Pune - Sport - Badminton

"Symbiosis Inter-Institute Chess Championship"

The Symbiosis Inter-Institute Chess Championship was conducted on the 1st and 2nd of August, 2019 at the Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies, Kirkee campus.

Following students successfully backed the first and second position in the individual category which was conducted on 1st August:
Anmol Agarwal, SY, First position
Dishan Porwal, FY, Second position

The matches for the team championship were conducted on the second day of the tournament, I.e., august 2nd, where SCMS has emerged as the runners up of the team category. The winners (runners up trophy) were: Anmol Agarwal, SY
Devang Parab, SY
Dishan Porwal, FY
Mriganshu Sinha, FY
Khushal Chandaria, FY

SCMS Pune - Sport - Chess Champion

"Volkswagon Ameo Cup"

Dhruv Mohite wins Championship of Volkswagon Ameo Cup. The final round Volkswagon Ameo Cup concluded at the Formula One track of Buddh International Circuit (BIC), Greater Noida.

SCMS Pune - Sport
SCMS Pune - Sport


The Inter-Institute Chess Tournament was organised by SIG this year at SIMS Campus in Khadki. Five people from SCMS participated in the individual tournament out of which 4 finished in the top 10. Anmol Agarwal, Devang Parab, Rohan Ganatra and Ujjwal Saxena secured the 3rd, 4th, 7th and 9th position respectively. In the team events, SCMS secured first position after scoring the highest number of points after 5 rounds.

SCMS Pune - Sport - Chess


Symbiosis Institute of Business Management organised an Inter SIU Squash Tournament that lasted for two days starting from 8th of August. Three students from our college participated for the same out of which 2 of them, Aviral Agarwal (TY) and P. Nikhil (FY), were eliminated in the first round. The third student, Niraj Kabra (FY) ,won the tournament and was declared as

SCMS Pune - Sport - Squash


SCMS secured overall 4th position in the Inter Institute Swimming championship with 21 points on the table.   Mohammed Ibrahim won one gold in 50m Breast stroke, one silver in 25m breast stroke and bronze in 100m individual medley.

SCMS Pune - Sport - Swimming

The relay team of Rishabh Jain, Mohammed Ibrahim, Bharat Chugh and Suchit Bawa  won the silver in 4* 25 m free style relay and bronze in 4*25 medley relay.  The girls also gave a valiant effort, however, were outmatched by the opposing teams.


The Fitness for Freedom Run was conducted by SIMC on 14th August 2018. Isha of SY-E secured 2nd position in the woman’s elite category (5 km).

SCMS Pune - Sport - Fitness

"SCMS Badminton team (Girls) won the tournament"

SCMS Badminton team (Girls) won the Inter institute tournament organised by Symbiosis International (Deemed University) Sports Board at SIIB. Congratulations!!

SCMS Pune - Sport - Badminton

We are very happy to share that the SCMS, Pune successfully organized the SIU football tournament and the boys team qualified and were placed third at the Inter-Institute Football tournament. Sidhant Mehta from SY was awarded the Best Goal Keeper. ​ Congratulation Football team. Congratulations Sidhant

SCMS Pune - Sport - Football
SCMS Pune - Sport - Football

We are very proud to share that SCMS, Pune won the swimming tournament at SIU. Parth Sartpodar from TY was awarded the Best Swimmer in the male category. Congratulations Swimming team. Congratulations Parth.

SCMS Pune - Sport - Swimming