Fun Fair 2017

With the heaps of enthusiasm and good tidings from the success of the previous event, Team Initiate came back with a heartwarming and full of fun and frolic event, the most awaited, Fun Fair’ 17 Winter Wonderland. The creatives team put their all in to bring out the best props for the event, be it a strings of the snowflakes over our head like canopies, the snowman & woman photo booth, the sleigh without which the idea of a winter wonderland would be incomplete. The preparation started well in advance and the whole team was determined to make the theme a surreal experience for the students.

Different stalls were set up by various participants ranging from twisters and lucky sevens to food stalls over favorite Pani Puri and mouthwatering Biryani. There were various other games & dessert stalls and we were lucky enough to have kids from teach for India put up a stall of handmade crafts and jewellery.

The atmosphere was charmed by some good music and a lot of photo sessions at the photo booth.

Everyone left the Fun Fair with a smile on their faces, Happiness in the air & most important of all a stomach full of good food.