Health Care

SCHC is an in-house Health Care Centre exclusive to the staff and students of the various institutes of Symbiosis. The SCHC has a team of specialist doctors who conduct the (compulsory) annual check up. Out patient treatment is provided to the students by the medical officer of SCHC stationed in our campus at Viman Nagar. The centre also arranges seminars & health education workshop.  Each student is insured under Mediclaim and Traffic Accident policy. A copy of the policy document is available with the Registrar/Office Superintendent. The centre provides preventive, promotive and curative health care services with a view to ensure positive health in all members of the Symbiosis Family.

Preventive health care involves an annual health check up including consultation with specialists like physicians, ENT, eye, dental etc. Basic laboratory investigations such as haemogram, urine & blood grouping are conducted. Concerns like kidney stones are also addresses through ultrasonography. After this, a series of reports and feedback is given to all students.

Curative health care is taken care of by the Medical Officer (MO) in charge. This includes a medical OPD, referrals to consultants and emergency hospitalization.


Every student at Symbiosis is covered under a unique and novel medical insurance scheme. After paying a concessional premium, the student is covered for hospitalization up to Rs. 50,000 in case of non accidental emergencies (as per the Mediclaim Insurance Policy) & Rs. 1,00,000 in case of Rail/Road traffic accidents.

The Symbiosis Centre for Health Care provides each benefeciary with an "Master Serial Number".This number confers certain unique benefit to the beneficiary. It provides for zero hour support in case of medical emergencies. This includes provision of financial support in critical circumstances.