Induction Programme – 27th June 2017 to 01st July 2017

To welcome the new batch (2017-20) of students, induction week was organised. Various events and activities were planned to energise and introduce the students to the culture of Symbiosis center for management studies. On the first day, students got an opportunity to listen to Mr. Sudhir Mehta, CEO and MD of Force motors. Students were then addressed by Dr. Adya Sharma, director, SCMS, Pune. Assistant inspector Mr. Khokale made students aware about the safety rules and regulations. On the second day, students enjoyed the session by Prof. Beena Mandrekar on business communication and also, explored the opportunities with world of ACCA. On day 3, students attended a very interactive sessions by Dr. PNN Iyer followed by session on gender sensitization by Ms. Renuka Mukadam and a session on waste management by Dr. Manikprabhu Dhanorkar. On day 4, students were excited to visit Surya Shibir (an outbound program), where they enjoyed the nature and engulfed in interactive activities planned by senior students. On day 5, students visited Ambedkar museum and then headed to visit Symbiosis International Univeristy’s huge campus at Lavale Hills.