Sr. No Name PRN Internship Title Name of the company
1 Aansh Gaurang Shah 20020621032 Financial Analysis and Cost-Saving Strategies  National Engineering Ltd. (NBC Bearings)
2 Aarav Khilnani 20020621033 Exploring Market Trends and Opportunities: A Data Analysis  Sanctum Wealth
3 Aarav Shah 20020621034 Content Creation and Strategy: Building Brand Awareness and Engagement Green Protein
4 Aaron Anselm Dsouza 20020621035 Maximizing Performance and Retention: The Power of Team Building and Employee Engagement Michelin India Technology Center Private Limited
5 Aaron Joseph Ittyerah 20020621036 Mastering Digital Marketing: Insights and Strategies for Success eWavelength
6 Aarushi Chopra 20020621037 SEO Optimisation - Increasing online visibility and engagement  Kelley Material Handling Equipment India Pvt Ltd
7 Aarushi Dewan 20020621038 From Planning to Execution: An Event Management Internship Experience Rama Events Pvt. Ltd.
8 Aaryan Kapoor 20020621039 Connecting with Customers: A Strategic Approach to Customer Marketing william grant and sons
9 Aashi Ilwadhi 20020621040 Human Resource Management for an educational platform Adda247
10 Aashi Singh Bhayadia 20020621041 Mastering Digital Marketing: Insights and Strategies for Success Daawat Foods Ltd.
11 Aastha Jain 20020621043 Investment Research Internship with Northstar Analytics Northstar Analytics
12 Aayush Chordia 20020621045 Revolutionizing Mobility: A Marketing Internship Experience  EKA Mobility (Pinnacle Industries)
13 Abeer Chopra 20020621046 Digital Sales and Marketing of Car Rental Companies RateGain Travel Technologies Ltd.
14 Adhaar Gupta 20020621049 Growth Hacking and Lead Generation of an online fantasy gaming App Junglee Games
15 Aditi Bhandari 20020621050 Customer Relation and Branding and Corporate Communication Best Finance Limited
16 Aditi Agrawal 20020621051 Ensuring Financial Accuracy: An Internship Project in Bookkeeping and Reconciliation Sree Asta Laxmi Spinning Mills Pvt ltd
17 Aditi Singh 20020621052 Analyzing Markets and Investments through Financial Research Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company Ltd
18 Aditya K Das 20020621053 From Transactions to Financial Statements: An Internship in Financial Reporting and Analysis Wall Street Oasis
19 Aditya Misra 20020621054 Crafting Campaigns to boost engagement and reach earKART Pvt. Ltd.
20 Aditya Rahul 20020621055 Marketing and Communications Intern for a Tele Medicine Company SeekMed
21 Aditya Raj 20020621056 Streamlining Payroll Operations: An HR Internship Project in Payroll Processing D.B.M Bricks Pvt. Ltd.
22 Aditya Singh 20020621057 Listing & Research of New Innovative Product in Indian Market Vikas Strips Ltd
23 Jajodia Advait Ajay 20020621058 Creating Impactful Digital Content: An Internship Project in Content Writing  The SportsRush
24 Mahajan Advait Rahul 20020621059 Creation of a Marketing Plan for a New Product and Blog Writing Trinity Cycles India Pvt. Ltd.
25 Akarsh Alagh 20020621062 Data-Driven Insights for Content Creation: An Internship in Marketing Research Phagu Resorts Pvt. Ltd.
26 Akash 20020621063 Financial Analysis and Accounting SAB&T International Financial Consulting Limted
27 Akhil Sarawgi 20020621064 Marketing Management of a textile retail outlet Dress Code
28 Akriti Gaur 20020621065 Facebook Ads and Content Creation Intern for a Pharma Co. Venus Remedies Ltd.
29 Akshat Saxena 20020621066 Investment and wealth Management  Yes Securities(Yes Bank)
30 Alan Eapen Thomas 20020621068 Human Resource Intern for Manufacturing Buoyancy Plastics for Change Recycling Private Limited
31 Alanis Maria Alden Dias 20020621069 Building an Effective Content Plan: An Internship in Marketing Research and Content Development Itwox.Inc
32 Anagha Govindan Nampoothiri 20020621071 Social Media Marketing for a digital marketing agency Digital Ipsum
33 Ananya Mishra 20020621072 Website Management & Market Research  Al Tamimi & Company
34 Ananya Polisetty 20020621073 Handling HR organisational structure  Automatic Data Processing (ADP)
35 Ananya Dubey 20020621074 Managing day to day operations and executing strategies across various departments  Sterlite Power
36 Ananya Gupta 20020621075 An Internship in Digital Marketing Planning and Execution The Starter Labs
37 Ananya Maheshwari 20020621076 Planning and Execution of corporate events  Urban Events
38 Ananya Mody 20020621077 Uncovering Investment Opportunities: An Internship in Financial Research and Analysis Suresh Rathi Securities Pvt. Ltd.
39 Angad Singh Amarjeet Singh Rajpal 20020621078 Creation of a Marketing Plan for a New Product and Blog Writing for a Cycle Company Trinity Cycles
40 Anika Upesh Gulati 20020621079 Industrial communications and guest relations  The Ritz - Carlton Pune
41 Ansh Goyal 20020621083 Marketing Management and International business  GLS Group Private Limited
42 Ansh Kapadia 20020621084 Social Media Marketing : Ideation, content creation and engagement in social platforms Cleris DDL.
43 Anshika Saxena 20020621085 Local SEO Analysis: improvising SERP ranking  Future Generali Total Insurance Solutions
44 Anshuman Pattanayak 20020621086 Marketing, Sales and General Management Golden Sky Corporate Realtors
45 Anuj Chopra 20020621088 Video content creator for an E-commerce D2C loungewear brand Shararat
46 Anuj Gupta 20020621089 Marketing Associate - Partner Acquisition and Lead Management Creative Mediapulse Technologies Pvt. Ltd
47 Anuj Kothari 20020621090 Social Media Communications: design, execute and analysis of social media graphics and content  Humit
48 Anuja Vijay Wesanekar 20020621091 Marketing research for engine sales Green Power International Private Limited
49 Anushka Sachin Patil 20020621092 Recruitment of employees as per client’s need UPSTART CAREERS LLP
50 Anushka Shukla 20020621093 Digital Marketing strategies and social media handling  HDFC LIFE
51 Anushree Mohanty 20020621094 Post Sales Review, Competitor Analysis and Future Collaborations Market Research for a Parenting EdTech Company UpTodd
52 Apekshya Giri 20020621097 Accounting and handling internal financial statements  Sunrise Bank Pvt Ltd
53 Apoorv Arora 20020621098 Human resource operations: recruitment incharge  AU SMALL FINANCE BANK
54 Ariya Abhijit Taware 20020621100 Human Resource operations and assistance in organisational activities  B.U Bhandari
55 Arjan Chahal 20020621101 Retail Branch Banking  Axis Bank Ltd.
56 Armaan Satish 20020621103 Preparation of proposals, researching marketing needs, maintaining and enhancing marketing collateral BHARTI AIRTEL LTD
57 Armaan Singh Gandhi 20020621104 Sales and Marketing Intern at Eka by Pinnacle Mobility Solutions Eka by Pinnacle Mobility Solutions
58 Arora Prastuti Rochak 20020621106 Assisting in human resource operations including on-boarding and training  Future Group, India
59 Arpita Patnaik 20020621107 Digital Marketing and SEO for a Digital Marketing Agency Cleverly, Singapre
60 Arshia Kapoor 20020621108 Purchase , Production , Sales and administration for Export Shipments KAY CRAFTS
61 Arunima Rawat 20020621110 Finance: portfolio management and financial analysis Ready Wealth
62 Aryan Chouhan 20020621113 Planning, execution and management of marketing including social media and digital  Goldensky Realtors
63 Aryan Dadheech 20020621114 Mergers and Acquisition: information technology and training services department  Ernst and Young
64 Aryan Namit Goenka 20020621115 Working in the sales department and assisting implementation of marketing strategies  B.M.W.
65 Aryan Kalra 20020621118 Marketing & Sales: CRM, lead generation, implementation of strategies for meeting sales targets PR Cars LLP
66 Aryan Mann 20020621120 Planning and implementation of marketing and operations of communications Metso:Outotec
67 Aryan Mayor 20020621121 Supply chain management at Graziano Transmission India  Graziano Tranmission India Pvt. Ltd
68 Aryan Prakash Madrecha 20020621122 Auditing and analyzing bank statements. Pankaj Tayal & Associates.
69 Aryan Raj 20020621123 Handling of social media accounts and implementation of digital marketing strategies  MENTIFY FOUNDATION
70 Aryavrat Naudiyal 20020621125 Business Development strategies: Planning and execution  Pelrio
71 Ashish Verma 20020621126 Front desk officer including incharge of operations  MULTIFIT WELLNESS PRIVATE LIMITED
72 Astha Chaudhary 20020621127 Social Media Marketing and SEO (for their website) Dreams' Clues
73 Astitva Ahirwar 20020621128 Social Media and Strategic Marketing Intern Flexton Realities Pvt. Ltd
74 Avani Khandelwal 20020621129 Fundamental Research Analyst for new age tech companies Insynch Wealth
75 Avnee Gupta 20020621130 Content and social media management for an IT & Consulting Firm Lejhro Technology Pvt. Ltd.
76 Ayush Mehta 20020621134 Handling Import and Export operations  Creatives Educational Aid Pvt Ltd
77 Ayush Raj 20020621135 Develop Policies for operational procedures and manage logistics of medicinal and office supplies Life Line Hospital
78 Ayushi Divyeshkumar Patel 20020621137 Preparing Department Process/Performance parameter (DPP) and Purchase order Heavy Engineering, Larsen and Toubro
79 Balraj Singh Mehta 20020621139 Handling and executing Bulk Catering and Client Support Delhi Gourmet Kitchen
80 Banatwalla Saahil 20020621140 Managing Client Meetings and creating Financial reports based on Internal financial control and Company Costing Vipin Gujarathi and Associates
81 Barsha Roy 20020621141 Document Sourcing and creating Job Specifications using internal parameters Desun Hospital
82 Bhalerao Parth Uday 20020621142 Conduct Workshops to create awareness about Climat Change and Research Paper on E-Waste Management Adar Poonawalla Clean City Inititative
83 Bhavya Anand 20020621144 Researching on direct & indirect competition to find gaps & improve FrontRow’s Position FrontRow Pvt Ltd
84 Bhavya Chandravanshi 20020621145 Work done on how emotions play a key role in decision making( Research work), recruitement work, job analysis and current trends of HR and Social impact of Covid-19 on the company. Gateway Group of Technology
85 Bhavyam Dutt 20020621146 Day to Day Operations and Customer Assitance DLF LIMITED
86 Gaikwad Bhuvi Sachin 20020621147 Development of the creative ad copies and implementations or writing for the ad copies Monster India
87 Brinda Gupta 20020621148 Client Acquisition and On-site Operations Nisha Enterprises
88 Charu Jain 20020621150 Marketing and social manager for online book reading company Brainhive labs private limited
89 Cheryl Verma 20020621151 Preparing Presentation Reports and Research on Diversity and Inclusion Fiserv
90 Chirag Agrawal 20020621152 Handle Client's Social Media Accounts and Work alongside the client’s internal team PLUGZ Enterprise Solutions LLP(Enable)
91 Chirag Rughwani 20020621153 Review and Compile Financial Documents Honey Money Associates Ltd.
92 Chirayu Agrawal 20020621154 Practical Application of Basic Accounting Mahendra Oil and Trade Center
93 Daul Kim 20020621157 Advertising and communication with other company Heungkuk India
94 Debannita Paik 20020621158 Recruting and Onboarding of Experts  Digituala LLP
95 Deepanshi Chauhan 20020621160 Capability Gaps among MSMEs under ODOP Project Ernst&Young LLP Pvt
96 Devansh Kukreja 20020621162 Documentation of Outbound Logistics for Shipment Vessel  LT Foods limited
97 Devesh Saboo 20020621164 Screening Resumes and Documentation and filing papers of employees The Westin Hotels and Resorts, Koregaon Park, Pune
98 Devikaa Brijesh 20020621165 Marketing Internship-Market Research, Targeted Lead Generation and Strategic Development for Social Media for an Ed-Tech Company AUGVER Digital Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Indian subsidiary of EON Reality
99 Dhanshree Patil 20020621166 Communicating with Potential Applicants and Prepare Attractive Hiring Packages Kmac Talent Management India Pvt Ltd
100 Dhruv Anand 20020621169 Research and Content Writing Creators Nest
101 Dhruv Chhabra 20020621170 Studying the VR Valve and Impelement Quality Control VR Precision Casting
102 Dibrujission P. Hazarika 20020621171 Analysing the data and creating content as the insights NIRVANA
103 Diksha Goyal 20020621172 Marketing Associate- Digital Marketing, Database Management, Email Marketing, Content Writing, Website Development Hiration
104 Divdrisht Singh 20020621174 Working with chief operating team as well as with investment team. INVEST INDIA
105 Divya Thayyil 20020621175 Analyzing Purchase Flow and Estimating Asset Costs Trags- Trading and Agency Services
106 Divyam Kehar 20020621176 Prepare Trend Analysis of SBI Life Insurance SBI Life Insurance
107 Divyam Prakash 20020621177 Literature review on financial analysis and forecasting Angel One Ltd.
108 Dolly Lakhmani 20020621179 Creation of Project Reports and Pamphlets  Opus Green Solutions
109 Eashita Garg 20020621180 Analysis of the different policies and Benefits of the industry related to employees. Suzlon
110 Elrich Saldanha 20020621182 Social Media Marketing and SEO for an E-Commerce FMCG company TeaSwan
111 Eshan Goel 20020621183 Operations and Research of new innovative products in indian markets Vikas Iron and Steel Company
112 Gargi Pegu 20020621184 Talent acquisition and Personnel Management Gumpro Fluids Pvt Ltd
113 Garvit Jhawar 20020621185 Product Handling and Efficiency Management NP Agro Industries Ltd
114 Gatha Kadam 20020621186 Handle Social Meda and Drive growth through content marketing and community building Humit
115 Gaurab Kumar Agrawal 20020621187 Brand Building and Promotion Ambe itta Udhyog
116 Gaurang Ajmani 20020621188 Order Supply Management and Client Acquisition Sarvear Pharmaceutical U A
117 Gaurangi Katyal 20020621189 Content Writing Intern for MyInscribe Digital Private Ltd. MyInscribe Digital Private Ltd.
118 Gaurav Jagarwal 20020621191 Strategizing and Implementing Marketing Campaigns Transindia Nonwovens pvt. ltd.
119 Gaurav Jain 20020621192 Data Analysis including segregation and interpretation Techarc
120 Gayatri Menon Vinod Kumar 20020621194 Sales Promotion and Marketing Runwal Group
121 Ginar Rustagi 20020621195 Performance Marketing for a Marketing Agency Porcellia
122 Grisha Mehta 20020621196 Analyzing the usage of Channel Finance of Distributors and Retailers Exide Industries Limited
123 Guneev Chawla 20020621197 Recruitment and Hiring, Training and Development HDFC Life
124 Gupta Chirag Ajay 20020621198 Social Media Marketing & Content Creation Shararat Ventures Pvt. Ltd.
125 Hanieh Jafari Naeimi 20020621200 Field Marketing and student marketeer on campus Red Bull India Pvt. Ltd.
126 Hardika Sawhney 20020621202 Talent Acquisition, Interview Feedback Forms, Competitor Companies' Analysis Wishtree Technologies LLP
127 Harnoor Singh Khanuja 20020621203 Social Media Marketing and Lead Genration Benelli india
128 Harsh Lodha 20020621204 Accounting Internal Financial Statements - "Inspection, Verification, Record Keeping" Suncity Synthetics ltd
129 Harsh Pimpalwar 20020621205 Sales Promotion and Marketing including vendor relation management Sai Supreme Equipments
130 Harshit Rai 20020621207 Business Strategy Making for Sustainability Marketing BrandiT Labs
131 Humzah Maroof Alam 20020621209 Social Media Marketing and Lead Genration Dots (Design Studio)
132 Ipsita Ladia 20020621211 Comprehensive Market Research and Feedback Analysis APCME (Asia Pacific Centre of Management Education)
133 Ish Consul 20020621212 Documentation and Analysis of Automated HR Process ADP India
134 Isha Umakant Thakkar 20020621213 Brand Builidng and Promotion through social media  TeamLease
135 Ishan Karki 20020621214 Sales and Distribution and Customer Relations Management - assisting customer by solving queries Summit Air
136 Ishan Gupta 20020621215 Research and Analysis of Project Report - Pharmaceutical Industry Yes Securities(Yes Bank)
137 Ishita Suri 20020621216 Fashion merchandising and market research Radnik Exports
138 Ishu Burdack 20020621217 Review and update the employee’s handbook and polices updating Busch Vacuum India Pvt Ltd.
139 Jaiden John Idiculla Mulamootil 20020621218 HRMS, Recruitment and Training Coordination Plastics for Change
140 Jairaj Manish Bhagat 20020621219 Business Development and Operations Associate - researching assets and consumer briefing Victory Metal Finishers
141 Jasraj Singh Khanuja 20020621221 Designing Sustainable Recruitment Strategy For Blue Collar Employees TATA STEEL ( Branch and organization- TATA PRASHIKSHAN)
142 Jayant Murarka 20020621223 Social Media Management and Brand Building - promotional campaigns Janaki Plastics Industries Pvt.Ltd
143 Jayesh Goyal 20020621224 Bank voucher entry and BRS, ledger creation, purchase and sales entry Radhe Krishna Marbles
144 Bhosale Jayvardhan Anil 20020621225 Social media marketing and Brand Builidning and On-field visits Venkatesh developers
145 Jonelle Karin D Souza 20020621226 Recruitment, Onboarding and HR Analysis Buoyancy Plastics For Change Private Ltd.
146 Kaavya Jain 20020621228 Analysing opportunities in E-retail Media for Consumer Processing Goods Nestle India Limited
147 Kabir Bahl 20020621229 Modern Retail Sellout Management - sales of HE units  LG electronics Pvt. Ltd.
148 Kanak Bansal 20020621231 Recruitment, Training and Development CFOCORP
149 Kartikeya Kacker 20020621235 Branding and Marketing Internship - formulate SOP, cost reduction strategies Adar Poonawala Clean City Initiative (Serum Institute of India)
150 Kartikeya Khandelwal 20020621236 Training and Managing staffs, organising back-end operaions, developing brand kit Sarovar Portico
151 Kashika Choudhary 20020621237 Social Media Marketing Intern - Brand building and marketing campaign idea generation Shararat
152 Kashish Tuteja 20020621238 SEO and Link Building and Lead Generation - creation of articles and infographics Abodos Technologies Private Limited-Socia
153 Kashyap Vijaykumar Mavadhiya 20020621239 Hosting Marketing Event and Sale of electric vehicles to customers and corporations for MG Motors  M.G Motors ( B.U.Bhandari Auto Pvt Ltd )
154 Kaustubh Chauhan 20020621240 Social Media Marketing for Edutech Platform FrontRow Pvt Ltd
155 Kaustubh Kiran Vaidya 20020621241 Social Media Marketing and Website Building and Management for BrandsJar BrandsJar
156 Kavya Sahithi Dommaraju 20020621242 Investment Banking ( Private Equity ) Analysis and Reporting Finlatics
157 Keshav Anoopkumar Gadia 20020621244 Equity Research and Generated industry research reports Arthneeti Capital
158 Khushi Soni 20020621248 Digital Marketing, SEO for website and Lead Generation snouters, yellowbyte online ventures private limited
159 Khushi Taneja 20020621249 Content creation and market analysis for social media platforms Renaissance Educare Pvt. Ltd.
160 Khushneet Maini 20020621250 Listing & research if new innovative product in the Indian market Vikas Strips Ltd
161 Krish Mayani Dadlani 20020621252 Lead Generation, Outreach and Customer Relationship Management For International Clients Pocket FM Private Limited
162 Krishaan Kumar 20020621253 Client Assessment,Analysis of Financial Statements and Retailing of schemes  Kotak Mahindra
163 Kshitij Khanna 20020621256 Submission of quotations and bids on Government e-Marketplace (GEM) Portal and Backend Marketing Assistance H&H Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
164 Kshitij Lalani 20020621257 Digital Marketing , Contemt Creation, Lead Generation and Website Building and Management  Plasopan Engineers Pvt Ltd
165 Kunal Anand 20020621258 Social media Management ,Content Creator and Digital Marketing Strategist for Samosawala  Samosewala's
166 Kunjbehari Radheshyam Somani 20020621259 Telemarketing,Sale and Date Management for XIOTZ pvt. ltd. Xiotz Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
167 Kush Jham 20020621260 Floorand Day to Day Management  in operations & warehouse Sudarshan Chemical Industries Limited
168 Kushagra Pratap Singh 20020621263 Client Reviews, Competitive Analyst, Financial Analyst and ESG Researcher KPMG
169 Kushagra Tak 20020621264 Summer Intern in Ernst &Young in the department Strategy and Transaction-Lead Advisory Ernst & Young India LLP
170 Kushal Kapoor 20020621265 Social Media Marketing, Content Creation, Posting and Monitoring & Database handling
171 Lodha Aayush Prakash 20020621268 Human Resource practices at B.U Bhandari Automobile Industry Volkswagen
172 Loka Charita Reddy 20020621269 Leads Generations and Database Management The Economic Times Edge - India Leadership Council
173 Mahant Kanhaiya Das 20020621270 Market Research Analyst : Product Research & Expansion V3K Enterprises
174 Mahika Saini 20020621271 Fellowship, Research in E-waste, Facilitation of Green Campus Project Adar Poonawalla Clean City Initiative ( Serum Institute of India)
175 Makwana Nishika Nitesh 20020621272 Social Media Management , Media Planning , Service Procurement and analytics Avians Innovations Technology Pvt. Ltd.
176 Manan Harishkumar Bantval 20020621273 Business Developer and Social Media Marketing , Database and Event Management  TICK
177 Manas Gupta 20020621274 Human Resource Generalist and talent acquisition and HR operations Metvy
178 Mansee Khandelwal 20020621276 Strategic Alliance and FinTech Startup for In trade finance sector Nimai TF FinTech Private limated / 360tf
179 Manya Mote 20020621278 Marketing-Branding & Social Media Management  Volk Media LLC
180 Baramatiwala Masuma Aliasgar 20020621279 Marketing, SEO for website Unbox Robotics
181 Medicherla Sri Sivathmika 20020621280 Accounting and auditing for an consultating firm Sandhya consultancy services privated limited
182 Mehar Gulati 20020621281 Marketing and boosting the sales of core product line  The Pink Studio
183 Meher Bhurjee 20020621283 Marketing- digital marketing, SEO and general administrative tasks Shilpa Machinery Technologies Pvt Ltd
184 Mishi Patni 20020621285 Social Media Manangement, Content Creator and Graphic designer  Shararat Ventures Pvt. Ltd.
185 Mishra Mitali Dharmendra 20020621286 Digital marketing, Content writing and Research on Marketing strategies  earKart
186 Mitali 20020621287 Marketing Strategist and Data Analyst Panasonic
187 Mitali Sinha 20020621288 Talent acquisition and Personnel Management Ernst & Young, India
188 Mohammed Aayaz 20020621289 Client Assessment,Analysis of Financial Statements and Retailing of schemes  Kotak Mahindra Bank
189 Mohit Goyal 20020621290 Operational Management and Retail Management Stanmax
190 Mohit Singh Jagarwad 20020621291 Listing & Research of new innovative products in India Market Vikas Iron and Strips Limited
191 Muskan Aggarwal 20020621295 Recruiting and Training at a sales professionals platform Uplyft Retail Technology Pvt. Ltd. (Salease)
192 Naavya Bhartiya 20020621296 Social Media Marketing for an online education platform K21 Academy
193 Naman Bansal 20020621297 Bank reconciliation, invoice raising, solving ledger statement issues and site visits The Max Properties
194 Naman Deswal 20020621298 Research about customer retention, satisfaction and core operations of the business ORAVEL STAYS
195 Naman Maheshwari 20020621299 Creation and compilation of various kinds of accounts and making monthly expense reports M/S Manish Business Pvt Ltd
196 Nandini Khanna 20020621300 Rationalisation of Account Heads for Better Management Accounting Hawkins Cookers Limited
197 Natya Kurapati 20020621303 Social Media Marketing and Research Luova Digital Ltd
198 Neil Tandon 20020621304 Market research, updating sales pitch and cold calling TORG Resorts
199 Nikita Virmani 20020621306 Website management and content creation for health campaigns of a hospital Manipal Hospitals
200 Nilesh Jaiswal 20020621307 Accounts Recording and Dealer Management Hansraj Hulaschand and Company Pvt. Ltd.
201 Nisarg Trivedi 20020621310 Video Content Creator & Marketing Intern for a B2C Loungewear Brand Shararat Ventures Pvt. Ltd.
202 Nischal Lohiya 20020621311 Tally entries, making sales invoices, cheque deposit and collection Technomac engineers
203 Nishil Rohil Shah 20020621312 Made sales calls and prepared quotations and invoices Versatile services
204 Nitin Mangfi 20020621313 Social Media Marketing in a Renewable Energy Company Gramin Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd
205 Ojas 20020621315 Analyzing financial statements, formulating balance sheet and assisting with the audit, GST and TDS reports JDV Healthcare Pvt Ltd
206 Om Mehrotra 20020621316 Ateended client meetings and helped plan events for an Event Management Agency Inizio Hospitality and Entertainment
207 Parith Garg 20020621318 Supply chain management and formulating SOPs Hudei Metals Pvt Ltd
208 Parv Jain 20020621319 Market Research and analysis for a rice mill company Jrm foods Pvt. Ltd.
209 Pawni Goyal 20020621320 Took interviews under supervison, drafted offer letters and budgets for recruitment drives and event coordination Extentia Information Technology
210 Prajjwol Shrestha 20020621321 Making research reports, field visits, making SOPs and conducting plantation drives Adar Poonawala Clean City Initiative
211 Pranjul Gupta 20020621323 Social Media Marketing revolving around content ideation and campaign planning ShareChat
212 Prateek Kumar Gaur 20020621324 Indian Textile Research and Development SILK WONDERS GENERAL TRADING L.L.C, DUBAI
213 Pratham Kedia 20020621325 Content creation, campaign ideation, contacted influencers for marketing, managed zomato and swiggy for multiple outlets Get - A - Whey
214 Pratham Mehra 20020621326 Credit Analysis in Invoice to Cash Process AkzoNobel Global Business Services
215 Pratham Sood 20020621327 Analysis and research in Bank Loan and Insurance  at a Maruti Suzuki Dealership Unitara Motors Pvt. Ltd. (Maruti Suzuki Dealership)
216 Pratik Chandra Labh 20020621328 Management of Letter of Credits (import) at Foreign Exchange Management Department Nepal Rastra Bank
217 Pratyush Nayan 20020621329 Market, competition, area and trend analysis for a food- tech and hospitality based company Gridkitchen pvt. ltd.
218 Preksha Modgil 20020621330 Market research, video editing and marketing strategy ideation Kaizen India Tutorial Pvt. Ltd.
219 Priyaja Tiwary 20020621331 Overview of Day to Day Accounting Vedic Pac Systems Pvt Ltd
220 Pulkit Bhatia 20020621333 Social Media Marketing and website editing and development Soul Yard Co.
221 Pulkit Dalmia 20020621334 Digital, Sales Marketing And Social Media Awareness Palombrre ltd
222 Puneetdeep Singh 20020621336 Helped create financial statements and budgets Tube Investments of India Ltd
223 Puneeth Reddy Patlolla 20020621337 Social Media and influencer marketing The Edin Foundation
224 Gholap Pushkar Pravin 20020621338 Cross checing financial statements against inventories and proof reading of documents for a gas dealership om shriram hp gas agency
225 Radhika 20020621339 Marketing campaign creation and ideation Esoteric Lifestyle LLP (The Good Road)
226 Raghav Agarwal 20020621340 Market development and Product Placement SHREE DIVTATV WELLNESS PRIVATE LIMITED
227 Raghav Ralhan 20020621341 Digital marketing, ad optimization, packaging design ideation and sales data analysis for marketing S.R. Industries
228 Rajashwi Kamesh 20020621342 Social Media Marketing and Client Acquisition Design Media and Edutainment Solutions
229 Rajvik Agarwal 20020621343 Accounting associate and cash analyst Hotel Ramada Darjeeling
230 Ram Murat Kedia 20020621344 Public Relations and content manager Entrejourn
231 Ramandeep Singh Kharbanda 20020621345 Content writing and SEO management MyInscribe Digital Pvt. Ltd.
232 Rhea Yash Ajaney 20020621347 Finance and Portfolio Management along with market analysis Ready Wealth
233 Rishabh Manish Khattri 20020621350 Asset and Portfolio Management Bajaj Auto
234 Rishabh Udayan Shah 20020621351 Business Development and Brand Marketing Bullflex Rubbers
235 Rishi Anand 20020621352 Accounts Receivable Management Transindia Nonwovens Pvt Ltd
236 Rishi Jain 20020621353 Sales and acquisition in Zomato Zomato hyperpure Pvt Ltd.
237 Ritik Raj 20020621355 Digital Marketing and analysis LATA SHEETALAYA PVT LTD
238 Ritika Gelli 20020621356 Bidding Process for the clients Avantel ltd
239 Riya Girish Chaudhari 20020621359 Social media management and content creation Social 101
240 Rahangdale Rohan Prakash 20020621361 Sales and Marketing associate for a Solar appliances company A R Solar Solution
241 Rohit Basu 20020621364 Digital Marketing and analytics  KnowIn Consultancy LLP
242 Rohit Mitruka 20020621365 Marketing and Sales for a growing textile retail firm Dress Code
243 Roshan Mahtani 20020621366 Market Research and analysis for a Corn wet milling company Regaal Resources Limited
244 Jain Ruhi Pradeep 20020621367 Marketing and lead generation  Eventbeep/ MentorBoxx
245 Rushan Qaiser 20020621368 Business Development and Product Sales Jankalyan Multi-Purpose Education Society (NGO), Prashikshan Moulding Careers - Shavak Nanavati Technical Institute (Tata)
246 Deshmukh Rushikesh Pankaj 20020621369 Sales and marketing in construction equipments Sai Supreme Equipments Hyundai
247 S Aishwarya 20020621370 Online Reputation Management(ORM) and Social Media Management SWIGGY (Bundl Technologies)
248 Saahir Hasnain Patel 20020621371 Financial Analysis and Portfolio Management at Kotak Mahindra Asset Management Company. Kotak Mahindra Asset Management Company
249 Saanvi Sharma 20020621372 LinkedIn Growth Hacking GrowthClub LLP
250 Sagar Shah 20020621373 Equity and Stock analysis  Emkay global
251 Sagar Rohil 20020621374 Accounts procedure and cash management analysis LG ELECTRONICS INDIA LIMITED
252 Saheb Singh Chhabra 20020621375 Research and financial analysis for a Capital Advisory Firm GS Capital Advisors
253 Sahil Arora 20020621377 Marketing research and content Creation Magnafest Communication
254 Balani Sahil Sanjay 20020621379 Operations and outreach for Balani agencies Balani agencies
255 Sakshi Birla 20020621381 Practical Application of Basic Accounts Siddhartha Insurance Limited
256 Sakshi Nair 20020621382 Business Development and Lead generation for a Content Marketing agency WrittenlyHub
257 Samanvay Jain 20020621383 Market Analysis and Strategy Creation  Plüsch
258 Samay Bhandari 20020621386 Accounts and finance management for a Construction Company Lodha Construction Pvt Ltd
259 Sameer Gupta 20020621387 Entrepreneurial and Marketing research Smmile Web Agency/ PAX Edutainment
260 Samit Satwant Chhabra 20020621388 Social Media Marketing and market survey Maharashtra Electronics Corporation
261 Samyak Jain 20020621389 Web and Social Media Content for E-commerce FMCG company Green Protein (Evoq Business Ventures LLP)
262 Santoshi Agarwal 20020621390 Finance Associate dealing in equity and mutual funds and Personal Finance Management Artharthi Investments & Insurance
263 Pawar Sarthak Nandkishor 20020621393 Basic Accounting Siddhashila Ventures LLP
264 Saumya Gupta 20020621394 Role of finance in hospitality Radisson Blu Hotel Pune
265 Savant Ankita Ashvin 20020621395 Brand management and client servicing  DViO Digital Pvt. Ltd
266 Sayan Das 20020621396 Digital marketing and google analytics Khairnar Technologies Pvt.Ltd
267 Sayantan Sur 20020621397 Digital Marketing;Social Media and Content marketing and SEO  khairnar technologies
268 Seemit Choudhary 20020621398 Formulating operational framework and new product research Provin Technos Pvt. Ltd.
269 Sejal Bhoruka 20020621399 Researching and presenting information on RBI notifications and government schemes during pandemic Suvidha Consultants
270 Shah Viraj Vimal 20020621401 Sales and Marketing  Kalpataru Ltd.
271 Shakshi Dixit 20020621403 Sales and Marketing intern-Executing B2B Sales,Handling CRM and Operations ZOMATO HYPERPURE PRIVATE LIMITED
272 Shakthi Sundaram 20020621404 Marketing, Customer Acquisition, Operations and Internal Processes Optimization  Zomato Hyperpure
273 Shalini Tirkey 20020621405 Predicting and Analyzing stock market by using various analytical tools  Margin Sentiment Advisorys Private Limited
274 Shanaiya Bagban 20020621406 Market research,Lead generation,CRM,Finalizing deals for home decor firm Essentials Decor
275 Shashwat Goel 20020621407 Supply chain management,Closure of B2B deals,Ensuring compliance and accuracy  LG ELECTRONICS INDIA PVT LTD.
276 Shaurya Singh 20020621409 Content creation and social media marketing  earKART
277 Sheel Vivek Shrivastava 20020621410 Junior Intern for Turnaround & Restructuring Department  Ernst & Young LLP
278 Shingala Tanishk Manish 20020621411 Customer Relationship Management,Market analysis and research Best Tours and Forex Pvt Ltd
279 Jha Shipra Pankaj 20020621412 Competitior Analysis,Product and Marketplace Research Shararat Ventures Pvt Ltd
280 Shirdi Sathya Narayan 20020621413 Lead Generation & Market Research eQOURSE
281 Shivam Bansal 20020621415 Customer analysis and assisting in implementation of marketing strategies Real Champs Private Limited
282 Shivam Gond 20020621416 SEO techniques,Product research and Competitor analysis THE CREATIVE PANDA
283 Shivam Krishan Ahuja 20020621417 Market exploration and detailing for identifying new sectors Ghuring
284 Shivang Chaudhary 20020621418 Studying various marketing activities applied in a B2B Firm Metso: Outotec
285 Shivansh Arya 20020621419 B2B lead generation, Sales promotion and formulation of marketing strategies SEA Digital Agency
286 Shivansh Bhola 20020621420 Digital Marketing and SEO for a B2B SaaS company kwiqreply
287 Shivek Agarwal 20020621421 Asssisted in Documentation and filing operations for an outsourcing startup AnthoX Global Pvt. Ltd.
288 Shiwank Mishra 20020621422 Employee detail management and employee welfare Shikhar Insurance Co. Ltd.
289 Shlok Agarwal 20020621423 Content creation,CRM and sales promotion for a real-estate firm Aishwaryam group
290 Shloka Vasudeva 20020621424 Macro Market Analysis and Digital Marketing C&S Electric Ltd., New Delhi
291 Shreya Dubey 20020621428 Digital marketing, SEO and Wordpress. Cleverly SG Pte. Ltd.
292 Shreya Goyal 20020621429 Financial analyst:Analysis and Reporting of budget VALUE FIRST DIGITAL PRIVATE LIMITED
293 Shreyasi Meharia 20020621431 Private wealth management intern:Market research  and Competitors analysis JM Financial Services Ltd
294 Shubham Jaiswal 20020621433 Customer service intern-Providing customer support,Assisting in Documentation and filing operations Sunrise Bank Limited
295 Shubham Vijay Bhandari 20020621434 Digital Maketing:Market research and Social media management  BJB
296 Shubhangi Jain 20020621435 Executing campaigns for B2C clients,customer loyaly programmes and customer lifecycle management Hansa Cequity
297 Shubhanshu Saxena 20020621436 Supply chain management and overview of production system  Godrej Consumer Products Limited
298 Shweta Parthasarathy 20020621437 Assisting in recruitment, onboarding and induction of employees Landmark Group
299 Shirole Siddh Abhayraj 20020621438 Generating new revenue sources, building customer relationships and executing marketing initiatives  Prathemesh Technology And Industries LLP
300 Siddhaarth Sharma 20020621439 Cold calling, client servicing and field visits  Zomato Hyperpure Private Limited
301 Siddhant Singh 20020621440 Content creation and implementation of social media marketing strategies  Desi Creative Group
302 Simran Narang 20020621443 Market research for a construction chemical company MAPEI Construction Products India Pvt. Ltd.
303 Sneha Philomena Saroj Pinto 20020621445 Content creation,Social media and Influencers marketing   Informa Connect
304 Devade Snehal Ashok 20020621446 Involvement in the sales process and guiding clients towards viable financing options for a real estate company Panchshil Groups
305 Sonril Mohanty 20020621447 Financial advising and Marketing for an E-Commerce Platform Manzuri Wellness Pvt. Ltd.
306 Sorathiya Chesna Nilesh 20020621448 Understanding shipping and logistics, Handling Sales and Customer service Transworld Group, Dubai
307 Srija Gayathri Gottumukkala 20020621449 Business Development and Market Research for a real estate company Symbiosis center for management studies
308 Sthavi Jaideep Manchanda 20020621450 Introduction to TechM Services and Telecom Large Deals Process Tech Mahindra
309 Stuti 20020621451 Ideation, Content Creation and Lead Generation  Expertrons and Meraki, Powered by Expertrons
310 Subhasree Khadka 20020621452 Strategic HR and Organizational management Intern for an EV sourcing company Exa Mobility
311 Suhani Agarwal 20020621453 Communication Manager, Competitive Analyst and Lead Genertion for EPE Sales Divine Kitchenware LLP
312 Suhani Saxena 20020621454 Materials and Techniques Research, Financial Analysis, HR Recruitment and Social Media Marketing  Grinco Concrete LLP
313 Supriti Rajput 20020621455 Market Research, Tax Apprehension, Handling CRM & Closing B2B Deals Kelley Material Handling Equipment India Pvt. Ltd
314 Sw Rithika Varuni 20020621457 Lead Generation, Data Handling and Competitive Analysis Zomato hyperpure pvt ltd
315 Swastik Bansal 20020621458 Marketing Channel Development, Content Writing, Creation of Risk Assessment Model and Reparing Onboarding system Medal
316 Swavna Sahoo 20020621459 Interviewed Candidates from various fields, Onboarding and Training and Assigning Responsibiities to Employees Pioneer Management Consultant
317 Syed Arsh Ahmad 20020621460 Content Calender Creation, Social Media Scouting and Market Research Infobahn Consultancy
318 Syed Hasan Abbas 20020621461 Building Client Profiles, Customer Acquisiton and Visiting Prospective Business Partners BrandiT Labs
319 Tanishq Agarwal 20020621463 Market Research, Content Creation and Performing Various Types of Marketing GB Enterprise
320 Tanmay Negi 20020621465 Generating Invoices, Reimbursement of Foreign & Domestic Employees & Settlement Persistent Systems Limited
321 Tanu Yadav 20020621466 Intensive Market Research involving Companies & Regions and Preparing Presentations Marbella Casa
322 Tanya Arora 20020621468 Improve Online Reputation, Management of Brand and Social Media Optimization (Basics of SEO) Future Generali India Life Insurance
323 Tarun Ramesh Babu 20020621469 Market Research and analysis and Off-Page SEO for a No-Code platform WEMAPAC
324 Tarushi Jain 20020621470 Developing Biometric Attendance for Employees, Managing Payrolls, Reimbursement and Tallying data from Multiple Datasets. Organic Industries Pvt. Ltd.
325 Twesh Raj Sharma 20020621474 Branding & marketing activities of upcoming projects of Suyog Group Suyog Development Corporation Ltd.
326 Uday Sekhri 20020621475 Financial Statements Analysis, Investment Planning & Capital Expansion Ernst & Young Global Limited
327 Navandar Utkarsh Rohit 20020621478 KAIZEN, 5s Across Manufacturing Plants, Working on Supply Chain Management and Warehouse Hindustan Coca Cola Beverages Pvt Ltd
328 Utsav Malhotra 20020621479 Company Performance Analysis, Creating Databases & Analyzing Statutory Dues crisil limited
329 Vansh Anand 20020621480 Social Media Manager, Lead Generation & Business Stratergy Development Mercer|Mettl
330 Vansh Ram Choudhary 20020621481 General Management for the B2C segment of a company Jet India
331 Vansh Sethi 20020621482 Financial Statement Analysis, Tax Perception & Generating Invoices Bhagwanti Rubber and Allied Products Private Limited
332 Vanshika Bansal 20020621483 Digital Marketing using SEO and Wordpress Cleverly
333 Vardaan Mathur 20020621484 Customer Analysis and Solicitation Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd
334 Varnalika Vuyyuru 20020621485 Performing HR Functions such as Recruitment, Selection, Onboarding and Induction CallHealth- Everything about Health
335 Varun Kekan 20020621487 Conducting Outreach Programmes, Lead Generation, Analysis of Various Infrastructures built by the Company City Corporation Limited
336 Vedant Anand 20020621490 Analyzing Business Operations, Identifying Inefficiencies & Statement Analysis Mercer Mettl
337 Vedant Katare 20020621491 Market Analysis of Soybean seeds and Competitor Profiling Ruchi Hi-Rich Seeds Pvt Ltd.
338 Solanki Vedant 20020621492 Handling CRM, Developing of Marketing and Sales Stratergy & Competitive Analysis Pure Elements
339 Vedika Gupta 20020621493 Lead Generation, Social Media Scouting & Market Research The Regis Rosewood Farm House
340 Vibhor Anand 20020621494 GL scrutiny and Year End Closing Financial Activities Tata Advanced Systems Limited
341 Vidhi Rathi 20020621495 Maintaing Financial Accounts & Underwriting Insurance Policies Shikhar Insurance Ltd
342 Vidur Malhotra 20020621496 Conducting Sales Pitches, Lead Generation, Closing Deals & Content Creation for blogs Gamavis Softech Pvt Ltd
343 Vidushi Gupta 20020621497 Financial Analyst Trainee : Product Costing And Taxation V3K Enterprises
344 Vihaan P Rajan 20020621498 Analytics in GIC Business HCL Training and Staffing Services Pvt. Ltd.
345 Bagul Vinay Makarand 20020621499 Product Quality Management and Social Media Management SYB Enterprises
346 Patil Vishwaraj Kishorsingh 20020621502 Prospecting and closing of client R.B Gold LLP
347 Vrinda Chawla 20020621504 B2B marketing and Communication at an HR and Compliance Consulting Company TeamLease Services Ltd
348 Wagisha Agrawal 20020621505 Market Analysis and Research at a paper manufacturing company Natraj Electrocasting Pvt Ltd
349 Wamika Rawal 20020621506 Prepare training modules on company's policy and conduct sessions for the employees Bharat Forge Limited
350 Yagya Kapoor 20020621507 Investment Management and Business Development for a Wealth Management Company InCred Wealth Pvt Ltd
351 Yash Goyal 20020621508 Market Analysis and Research Regarding Product Development in a Investment Prommotion Agency  Invest India
352 Yash Kumar 20020621509 Ideation, Content Creation and Lead generation for Digital Marketing Company Sea Digital Agency Pvt. Ltd.
353 Sawant Yash Pritam 20020621510 Content Calender Creation, Social Media Scouting and Market Research along with Social Media Marketing venkatesh developers
354 Yash Sachdev 20020621511 Management and allocation of funds, Accounting and Project Management Woodpickr Studios
355 Yashvee Dipak Kumar Patel 20020621514 Content Reviewer for Internet Publishing Company Kidadl
356 Yuvraj Singh 20020621516 Recording Financial Transactions and Book keeping Infra.Market
357 Yuvraj Upadhyay 20020621517 Programming and Marketing Including Ideation and Content Creation for Radio Mirchi Radio Mirchi
358 Jigyasa Rangare 20020621519 General management intern including Communication,Social media management and Customer relationship building Zeal Advertising and events
359 Tulluri Abhinav 20020621520 Accounting Internal Financial Statements for Finanace and Accounting Division Vijay Nirman Company Pvt Ltd
360 Darekar Sarthak Sushil 20020621521 General Management (Research, Survey and Case Studies) APCCI (Adar Poonawalla Clean City Initiative)
361 Dipti Singh 20020621522 Social Media Marketing and Lead Genration and Customer Relations NIRBHAYA CONVENT SCHOOL
362 Mirje Rushabh Rakesh 20020621523 Operations and Back End Office Management AUTO INDIA
363 Shubham Sachin Tingre 20020621526 Social Media Marketing and Lead Genration, social media analytics. Venkatesh Developers
364 Marri Dhiren Reddy 20020621527 Ideation, Communication, Product and Sales Pitch Urban Company
365 Aniha Pradeep 20020621529 Training development and evaluation Fiat India Automobile Pvt Ltd
366 Ayush Bansal 20020621530 Planning marketing strategy and promotion Jaat cold store
367 Verma Muskan Amar Singh 20020621532 Content Writing for Women Magazine Baggout
368 Sankhe Nahush Shailesh 20020621533 Innovative Fashion and Creative Design consultant Reliance Brands Ltd
369 Harshit Khanduja 20020621535 Talent acquisition and Personnel Management  Max Healthcare
370 Nagdawane Ayush Arun 20020621536 Assisting in leads generations and B2B Brand Awareness as  an Social Media Marketing Associate Leads Flick
371 Nandani Agarwal 20020621538 Product Branding ,Sales and Marketing in a FMCG Industry Kanha Group
372 Abhishek J Patel 20020621539 Market Analysis and Research ,Boosting Sales Through Marketing  Akshar Air Product Pvt. Ltd.
373 Jasangad Singh Oberoi 20020621540 Marketing communication strategy along with Ideation, Content Creation for Nyati Group’s 25th Anniversary campaign  Nyati Builders Pvt Ltd
374 Akshat Bhala 20020621541 Product Financial Report and Quantitative Data Analysis Enrich Energy Private Limited
375 Gandhi Prapti Amit 20020621542 Product marketing, Social Media marketing, graphic design for content creation Meraki Powered by Expertrons
376 Awari Shraddha Dnyaneshwar 20020621543 Stock Market broker and back office person Geojit Financial Services Ltd.
377 Hridya Rajesh Bhandari 20020621544 Recruitment, Selection. Onboarding and Induction in the HR department  Nemichand Bhandari Associates
378 Bhupesh Kumar Nagle 20020621545 Recruitment, Selection. Onboarding and Employee Trend analysis  Ntpc Ltd
379 Aman Kishore 20020621547 Accounting and Financial Data Management for a Chartered Accountant firm PRIYANKA SHUKLA & COMPANY CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS
380 Krishay Shashikant Chamadia 20020621550 Financial and Operations Management and Product Market Research R.A.Enterprise
381 Bhagyash Oswal 20020621551 Social Media Management , Media Planning  and site supervision Venkatesh Developers