Intra sympulse was held in the college from 14th to 16th Dec for 3 days and many students participated in it. It hosted a range of events within college to familiarize the students with what Sympulse 2016 is going to be about.

Western Solo Singing


The audience enjoyed this event and many participants came forward for western solo singing either with an instrument or without it. The judge, Ms. Sruti gave the scores to various contestants, and everyone enjoyed the event.



Ananya’s sub-department, informals, organized bombsquad where individuals had to detonate a ‘bomb’ solving clues and finishing tasks. It was like a treasure hunt around the college.

Street cricket


Sprint, the sports wing of Sympulse, organized street cricket where three teams from the first, second and third year played for all three days of Intra-sympulse. The winning trophy went to the first years.



Fifa was organized on all three days of intra-sympulse. There were quarter finals, semi-finals and the final tournament. It was one of the events with a lot of registrations.

Solo acting


The audience loved this event and many participants came forward for solo acting as there was an open theme. The judge, Mr. Patnaik sir, also enjoyed the event.



Ananya’s event, the quiz, had an interesting theme of sitcoms, movies and cartoons. Participants had to qualify through two rounds, one a questionnaire and the second a bidding round. It was a fun-filled event that saw many movie buffs taking part.