7th December 2016, at close to 2:30pm, the "animal spirits" seized the common folk of SCMSville who gathered to their respective events. The campus witnessed a mix of management events, cultural contests, and enthusiastic sports. For those out there who are not acquitted with these, it can be translated to serious, fun and sweaty stuff.

If you picture Sympulse as a block buster movie, Intra Sympulse would be the preview into the movie. Intra Sympulse is a three day event which features events from all wings- Ananya, Headlines, SIMUNC, Sprint, and Symulate. This year it has been scheduled on the 7th, 8th, and 9th of December.

"I'm pumped and ready" said Yash Khatavkar, the organiser of the Best Entrepreneur event. "It's our first time doing the round. We’re prepared. It’s a tradition in our department to have milk every time before starting the round” Laughed Yash. What transpired next was the entire college bubbling with enthusiasm. The students running from one centre to another coupled with the animated voices in class rooms- seemed like a thousand volts of energy passing through the corridors. It was hard to keep one's attention to any one event.

"We learnt a lot" said Uday Bajaj who had participated in the quiz. "I had some serious fun. It's not so much getting it right but getting to know these interesting things!".

The first day of intra Sympulse was truly a rewarding experience for everyone who had the good fortune to be associated with the day; and who are now eagerly looking forward to the unfolding events over the upcoming days of Intra-Sympulse!

Day one of Intra-Sympulse was a grand affair, with budding excitement as we caught a glimpse of what is to come in January. Day two didn’t disappoint.

The events that transpired on day one continued into the following day as those who qualified the first rounds prepared themselves to move onto levels that would challenge their skills even more. The college campus was abuzz as people flitted from one corner to another in a quest to complete the tasks given to them. Others hopped from one event to the other as spectators to the madness that unfolded.

Everyone sang along as people crooned their favourite tunes into the mic in the lobby and cheered for their favourite teams on the field. The quiz displayed our knowledge of the TV shows and movies we all love, the brilliance of the chess team left us speechless and slightly dumbfounded. Of the sixty participants in Poker, thirteen people made the cut. Who wins the coveted prize (4 day Sunburn passes!), we’re yet to find out.

Whether it’s marketing or music, sports or literature, no one gets left behind in this amalgamation of events. What transpired in these two days leaves us waiting with bated breath for the finale that is the third day. But most importantly, it leaves us looking forward to the five days when we get to experience all this and more in Pune’s biggest college fest.

The third day of Intra Sympulse had a soul to it. A soul that was vibrant, contagious and exuberant.

The quality of the events was a major high, the lengths to which the committees went to, to ensure the events are a class apart is truly exemplary.

Blindfold Bollywood put the knowledge of Bollywood fanatics to test. Outbursts of raucous laughter roared when a blindfolded person decided to walk on his own, to finally plummet down a couple of stairs. Though the cryptic clues made people pull their hair and run from one wrong station to another, the Victor's, Priyanka Sahu, and Jishnu Nanda, worked with unmatchable speed and effortlessly cracked each clue. The ordeal of being blindfolded was indeed a tragic comedy. FIFA was taken to a whole new level with every match having its own suspense. Spoof it participants enacted some of the most legendary parodies. We got to see the real deal from the Press team who emerged as the winners; comprising of Aditya Kovvali, Aryan Chopra, and Devansh Rathore.

"One cannot imagine the fervor with which all of us have worked for this", said Krishna Mirpuri, the deputy head of Ananya.

All in all, while the contestants were flying high from their wins, the last day felt slightly chaotic and totally thrilling.