The SCMS Pune Library, with its wide collection of knowledge resources and innovative information services, fills an essential requisite in the intellectual pursuits for our students and faculty.

The library has a sprawling space with designated areas for different sections, providing the right ambiance for reading and reflection. The library has a collection of books, print journals, magazines along with a range of e-collection material including e-journals, online databases, CD-ROM collection, etc., which are accessible through the institute's network and Wi-Fi.

The SCMS Pune library offers facilities for learning and research, which are equipped with computers and study spaces. There are also study / discussion tables which can be used for group work sessions. The library houses a Digital library inside the library premises where students and faculty members can browse varied databases such as CMIE Prowess IQ, CMIE -Industry Outlook, DELNET and centrally subscribed other online resources.

The library is fully automated using KOHA software. KOHA is a true enterprise-class Integrated Library System with comprehensive functionality including basic and advanced options. It supports full text searching with enhanced catalogue display.

A fair degree of automation has been brought in various library functions in order to make library transactions seamlessly integrated, faster and convenient. The open terrace in front of library provide ample avenues and options for refreshment, breaks and relaxation.


SCMS Pune Library is well equipped with a rich collection of books, journals, magazines and Audio Visual resources. In addition to the institutionally subscribed resources, the library users have also access to the resources of the Central library.

Print resources as on 30th November 2021

Name of the collection Number of the collection
Books 15009
Journals 33
Magazines 37
Newspapers 9
Audio Visual Resources\CD\DVDs 1013
Bound Volume 438

Non-print resources as on 30th November 2021

Name of the collection Number of the collection
Databases 3

Library Timing

Days Library hours Book Issue/ Return timing
Monday To Friday 9:00 am to 7:30 pm 10:00 am to 1:00 pm
2:00 pm to 7:30 pm
Saturday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm 10:00 am to 1:00 pm
2:00 pm to 5:00 pm

General Rules

  • Always carry your identity card when you visit library, failing which may be you forbidden from entering the library.
  • While entering the library, users should keep their personal belongings like textbooks, issued books, personal copies, magazines, newspaper, laptop, bags etc. on the bag racks. Users can carry their laptops in reading areas. Users are responsible for all personal possessions including wallets, mobiles etc.
  • Even person who enters the library must scan the Library / I D Card at Library entrance.
  • Students can be issued only one book on one library card.
  • The documents taken for photocopying must be returned within the same day.
  • The issued book must be returned on or before the last date stamped on the Due Date Slip, pasted on the first page of the book.
  • Readers should not mark / tear/misuse/damage the reading material/library property. If found so he/she will be fined for the loss and may be debarred from library.
  • The resources available include books on an impressive array of subjects, course specific reading material, academic journals and various digital resources. It houses sufficient reference and reading material for students and faculty from multiple disciplines. Books from humanities, social sciences, applied sciences, management, media, journalism, literature, environment, religion, languages, amongst various others adorn its shelves.
  • Loose issues and bound volumes of periodicals are not for issue.
  • A student should use his/her own library card and I-card. He /she should not lend the library card and I-card to others. If they do, they will have to suffer the losses incurred in the process of loss, damage, fine etc.
  • Loss of library borrower card should be reported immediately in writing to the library.
  • Students are required to present their own I-cards and are advised not to keep any personal belongings along with their I-card.
  • Readers are responsible for any damage done to the reading materials or any others property of the library, and shall be required to replace such books/property as has been damaged or shall be required to pay the full value there of as determined by the library authorities.
  • CD’s or any other accompanying material available with books may be viewed/used only in the library.
  • If a book of a multi-volume set is damaged or lost, the member concerned shall be liable to replace the whole set or pay the cost of the same.
  • Tampering with the barcode labels on the library documents will attract heavy penalty.
  • Reader’s suggestion appreciated and are welcome. Readers desirous of proposing any title or other additions to the library collection may do so by filling the details of the “Suggestion form” in the library.
  • Use of mobile phone is strictly prohibited in the library.
  • The reading hall in the main library can be used by students for reading newspapers, magazines, journals and library reference books only.
  • The reading hall next to the library will be open from 9.00a.m. to 7.30 p.m. The students may use laptops, books, notebooks, etc. in this room.
  • Important notice and information regarding the library as well as changes, if any, will be notified from time to time on the library notice boards.


Library membership is given by default to all students, faculty & staff members of SCMS Pune.

Rules for Membership

  • In exceptional cases an outside member (temporary membership) may be permitted to avail the services of the library on recommendation of the Director.
  • Visiting Faculty and staff of Symbiosis Vimannagar Campus avail the membership by filling up the Membership form.


Borrowing Facility: Rules

Members Borrowing Facility
Books Periodicals Time Period
Student 2 0 7 Days
Faculty Member 10 1 For Semester
Visiting Faculty 2 0 For Semester
Staff 5 1 One Month
Constituent Institutes under the University ( Faculty & Staff) 2 0 15 Days

Note-: Inter Institute library Loan -This facility is provided only for Constituent Institutes under the University.


The library has following sections and resources:

News room: This section helps students and the community to remain updated on daily happenings. Below is a list of newspapers, magazines and journals subscribed by the library:

The Hindu Business Line The Economic Times
Business Standard The Hindu
The Indian Express Hindustan Times
The Times of India Pune Mirror
Sakal Pudhari

Magazines and Journals
Abhigyan Income Tax Tribunal Decisions
Advances in Developing Human Resources India Today
Afaqs Reporter India Today (Hindi)
Asian Journal of Management Cases International Journal of Trade in Services
Bike India International Relation
Business India Journal of Entrepreneur
Business Today Journal of Chartered Secretary
Business World Journal of Commerce & Management Thought
Capital Market Journal of Creative Communications
Competition Affairs Lokprabha (Marathi)
Competition Success Review National Geographic Magazine
Corporate Governance Outlook
Corporate Professional Today Outlook Business
Current Affairs Outlook Money
Dalal Street Journal Magazine Outlook Traveller
Decision Overdrive
Digit PC Quest
Digital Learning Pearl - Peer Reviewed
Down to Earth Pitch: The Essence of Marketing
Economics and Political Weekly Purushartha
Education World RBI Bulletin
Finance India Readers Digest
Forbes India Saptahik Sakal (Marathi)
Foreign Trade Review Smart Photography
Fortune Asia Sportstar
Fortune India Tax Law Weekly
Frontline The Chartered Accountant
General Knowledge Today The Economist
Global Business Review The Indian Banker
Global Management Review The Management Accountant
HBR Time
Human Resource Development Review Training and Development
IIMB Management Review Wealth Insight

Reading room: Reading room is a study space made available to the students with Wi-Fi facility.-

Courseware section: The courseware section provides ready reference of text books and reference material.

Reprographic Facility: Photocopying, scanning and printing services are available for the students.

Student Open Terrace: The open terrace gives a refreshing experience for students for short breaks from their intensive study. The facility is designed to provide a gathering place for students, faculty, and staff to encourage interaction and strengthen the learning environment.

Digital Library: The Digital Library provides access to institutionally and centrally subscribed various important e-resources.
AV materials can accessed from the Digital Library. This facility is for research purpose.

Discussion Tables: The discussion tables are a place where users can discuss and work together.

Reference section: The reference section houses the library's reference books. These books provide quick and accessible information on any particular topic. Reference books include materials such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, bibliographies, and style guides, among others.

Archives: The archives section houses bound volumes of journals and magazines.


Following are the e-resources subscribed by the SIU Central / Institute library.
All subscribed e-resources can be accessed through SIU Library Portal. https://www.library.siu.edu.in/

SCMS Pune Library has given library portal credential to its all user.

  • CMIE Prowess IQ
  • CMIE Industry Outlook
  • DELNET-Developing Library Networks
  • Sage Research Methods
  • Sage Journals
  • Pearson e-Books
  • Web of Science
  • Frost & Sullivan
  • E- Research
  • Turnitin
  • Elsevier - Science direct - Management
  • McGraw Hill Education India e-Books
  • Emerald Management e-journal
  • QuestionPro
  • JAWS Software:

JAWS, Job Access With Speech, is the world's most popular screen reader, developed for computer users whose vision loss prevents them from seeing screen content or navigating with a mouse. JAWS provides speech and Braille output for the most popular computer applications on your PC. (Installed in the Digital Library)

Institute Publication

Annual Research Journal of SCMS, Pune (https://www.scmspune.ac.in/faculty-research.php)


Name Designation Role
Dr. Adya Sharma Director Chairman
Dr.Punit Kumar Mishra Associate Professor Faculty Library In-charge
Dr. Nitin Mahankale Associate Professor Faculty Member
Dr.Yogesh Pisolkar Assistant Professor Faculty Member
Dr. Jaysing Bhosale Assistant Professor Faculty Member
Mr. Pravin Nawade Assistant Administrative Officer Member
Mr. Divyam Agarwal Student Student Representative
Mr. Ananya Vasudeva Student Student Representative
Dr. Sangeeta Paliwal University Librarian Invitee
Dr. Ashwini Mahadik Asst. Library In-charge Member Secretary
Mr.Sagar Takawale Sr. Library Assistant Member Secretary
Ms. Hemalata Shelke Library Assistant Member Secretary






SCMS Pune - Library - Ashwini
Dr. Mrs. Ashwini P. Mahadik

Asst. Library In-Charge
B.A. M.Lib.I.Sc. M.Phil. Ph.D.


SCMS Pune - Library - Sagar
Mr. Sagar Takawale

Sr. Library Assistant
B.Com. M. Lib. I.Sc.


SCMS Pune - Library - Hemlata
Ms. Hemalata Shelke

Library Assistant
BA, M.Lib. I.Sc.



4th Floor,

Symbiosis Center For Management Studies, Pune

Survey #231

Near Lunkad Gold Coast,

Viman Nagar,

Pune 411014

Direct Line: +91-20-26557124

Main Board Line: +91-20-26557100

Email ID: library@scmspune.ac.in


1. Who can access the library e-resources?

Answer: All students, faculty, adjunct faculty, visiting faculty of SCMS Pune have access of library e-resources. SCMS Library has given access to them to SI (DU) Library Portal.

2. Can I bring a personal book /laptop to the library?

Answer: The students may use laptop in the Library, but personal books, notebooks etc. will be used in the Library reading Hall.