ICICI Securities

ICICI Securities & SCMS Pune works in collaboration to study the effect of advertisement campaigns on the purchase of Financial Products of ICICI. A team of students under the guidance of faculty Prof. Richa Arora diligently studied the different channels of media communication the market is exposed to and their favorable channels. They also analyzed that if advertisements were the key reasons to drive the purchase of financial products.

Piaggio Vespa

Piaggio Vespa provided an exposure to SCMS students to analyze the purchase pattern and evaluate the consumer buying behavior of the younger generation on Vespa compared to its competitors. This market research was performed as a part of a classroom assessment by the students. Such continuous industrial exposures serve as benefit for both students and the industry. SCMS encourages such kind of associations.


SCMS, Pune has currently got a Corporate Project from Kinetic Hyundai Elevators & Movement Technologies (KHEMTL) a joint venture between Pune’s Firodia Group with Kinetic Engineering Limited as its Flagship Company and Hyundai Elevators Co, Ltd (HELCO) of Korea. KHEMTL is the exclusive India representative of HELCO which markets, installs and maintains Hyundai elevators, escalators & travellators in India. Our institute is in the process of preparing a research report on “Infrastructure Growth and its Impact on Vertical Transportation Industry”. The Corporate Project Team consists of 16 students and four faculty members.