The programme is oriented towards building graduate attributes of scholarship, employability & entrepreneurship, eco sensitivity and global citizenship.
The teaching pedagogy followed in the classroom is designed and tailor made to provide students a holistic, international and blended learning experience.

The practical and theoretical aspects of the different specializations are provided with an industry cum entrepreneurial perspective through various guest lectures, projects and conclaves. Experiential learning is an integral part of the teaching process.

Students are encouraged to undertake surveys, field visits and research to get a deep understanding and practically experience the concepts taught in the class. Case study based discussions, industry visit, role play, flipped classrooms, debates, interviews, surveys, quizzes, business exercises are a regular part of classrooms.

Students are significantly encouraged to learn from MOOCs, continuously apply theoretical learning and explore their potential through participation in extracurricular activities & events organised by various clubs and committees throughout the year.