Plastic Bag Free Campaign UT’THANA (SCMS students’ initiative)

The objective of joining the Joy Street was to spread the awareness about the hazards of plastic carry bags usage among the Viman nagar residents. The theme of the event at Joy street this time was , “Say No to Plastic”.

The plan of action for Team Ut’than was distributing flyers showing harmful effects of plastic bags and giving non-woven fabric bags as freebies to the residents.

The Vimanngar Residents were very supportive and keen to know about the alternatives provided and the future action. Among the residents, Mrs. Elizabeth , an active member of another initiative, GO GREEN , Mr. Mahesh Rana who offered voluntarily information about plastic recycling organisation are worth mentioning. Ut’than team members also received active support from VNRA (Viman Nagar Residents’ Association) who got very interested to work with SCMS along with Corporation and other stakeholders for making Vimannagar plastic free. NGO Maher which participated in the Joy street with their eco-friendly products was very informative and helpful about the future endeavour of Ut’thana.

Overall, it had been a fun- filled learning experience for all the volunteers as they were able to communicate, convey their message, network and popularise their initiative to the residents appropriately, and reach out to the enthusiastic youngsters as well .

Environmentally conscious kids of Viman Nagar