Program Outcomes (PO)

    On successful completion of BBA program, graduates will be able to:

    1. Management Knowledge: Possess and apply the knowledge to identify, formulate and solve business and managerial problems within the global business context
    2. Critical Thinking: Use research based knowledge and research methods to apply, build and analyze problems
    3. Individual and team work: Develop capability to function effectively as an individual and as a member/ leader of a team
    4. Communication: Demonstrate written and oral skills appropriate for business communication and to communicate effectively with stakeholders and society at large
    5. Environment and Sustainability: Understand the issues of environmental context and sustainable development
    6. Ethics: Recognize and commit to following professional & organizational code of conduct in the larger interest of society and humanity
    7. Social citizen: Demonstrate sensitivity towards the community and willingness to participate and contribute towards national/international development
    8. Lifelong learning: Acquire the ability to engage in lifelong learning in the era of rapid technological advances through professional development, practical training and specialized certificates.
    9. Interdisciplinary: Build an ability to function in multidisciplinary teams
    10. Entrepreneurship: Build the entrepreneurship abilities.