100-Minute Workshop

Event Report

Event name – 100-minute workshop

Date and Time – 26th July 2019, 2:30pm – 4:00pm

Venue – Computer Lab

The Writing of Research Papers

On 26th July Exploreit, a company dedicated to research and the impact of valuable and relevant information gained through research, held an informative workshop at Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies. The workshop was held by Shivam Singh, founder and alumni of SCMS, who has published multiple research papers on varied subjects. The focus of the 100 minute workshop was the process of writing a paper, its components and how to write a good research paper.

The first topic tackled was the importance of research, especially in terms of the scope of such a wide ranging topic. It is a vital part of the solving of social problems and the introduction of new opinions and perspectives to existing conversations. A research paper also adds a very valuable component to student’s CVs, especially when the paper is published or presented at conferences. He also spoke about the importance of a title to a paper, which clues an audience to the subject matter of the paper and judgement of interest in the paper. The most important thing talked about in the workshop was the writing of a paper and how to go about not just selecting a topic but also making a concise paper on it. The structure of a paper was explained, including the abstract (summary of the paper sent to journals and conferences), introduction, literature review (study of existing research material and resources on the topic), research methodology, etcetera. The ‘hourglass structure’ of a paper was also explained, how the writer has to start with a wide understanding and scope of the topic chosen which is gradually narrowed down to a very specific area and then broadened again when concluding.
The workshop as a whole was informative and interesting, especially since majority of the crowd consisted of students who were new to the conception, writing and publishing of a research paper. It emphasised on the importance of research and the role a research paper plays in various aspects, especially its importance in giving an edge to students over others.

100-Minute Workshop