Welcome to Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies!

Ranked as one of the top BBA colleges in Pune, as well as one of best BBA colleges in India, by the Times BBA ranking survey 2018. Symbiosis Centre of Management Studies in Pune offers a 4 years BBA in line with the New Education Policy (NEP) 2020 which incorporates a flexible choice-based credit system, multidisciplinary approach, and multiple entry and exit options.

The BBA programme structure is exclusively designed to enrich students with diverse knowledge of core managerial subjects along with elective subject specialisations as follows -

  • Human Resource Management

  • Marketing Management

  • International Business

  • Accounting and Finance

  • Environment Management and Entrepreneurship

Our BBA Subject Bifurcations

As one of the top BBA colleges in Pune, it's our vision to provide quality education by maintaining international education standards. We offer 6 specialisations and students have a choice to opt for a BBA degree with a single specialisation, dual specialisation or a general BBA.

Our career-specific BBA course has been bifurcated into 6 semesters.

The first two semesters include the core BBA subjects like -

  • Management and Business Accounting

  • Organisational Behaviour

  • Business Entrepreneurship,

  • Environmental Studies,

  • Fundamentals of Marketing,

  • Micro and Macro Economics,

  • Human Resource Management

These courses are the basic building blocks that help the student decide on the specialisation which is offered from the third semester.

The third semester includes core BBA courses along with specialisation electives like the introduction to digital marketing, Technological Entrepreneurship, etc.

The fourth semester is what we proudly call the Global Immersion Programme semester where students have the opportunity to pursue a semester abroad with Universities that we have Mou's. Students are also given exposure to courses from our sister institutes through the 12 Floating Credits. The opportunities are what you should expect from one of the best BBA colleges in Pune

The 5th and 6th semester is bifurcated into core and elective courses with courses such as - HR analytics, International Business Laws, Compensation Management, Advertising and Public Relations, etc that are specifically designed to keep our students abreast with the trends in the market.

Besides the courses, students also undertake NGO and Corporate Internships. They also get to pursue research in their areas of interest through Project 1 and Project 2.

Our comprehensive subject bifurcation as one of the top BBA colleges in Maharashtra equips students to get in-depth knowledge and understanding of a career-centric BBA program to avail a diversified management career ahead. Being among the Top-ranked BBA colleges in India, SCMS, Pune offers a globally innovative BBA curriculum that always helps students to achieve their higher educational goals in every means.

Learning Outcome of Our BBA programs:

On successful completion of the BBA program, graduates will be able to:

  • Management Knowledge: Possess and apply the knowledge to identify, formulate and solve business and managerial problems within the global business context.

  • Critical Thinking: Use research-based knowledge and research methods to apply, build and analyse problems.

  • Individual and team work: Develop the capability to function effectively as an individual and as a member/ leader of a team.

  • Communication: Demonstrate written and oral skills appropriate for business communication and to communicate effectively with stakeholders and society at large.

  • Environment and Sustainability: Understand the issues of environmental context and sustainable development.

  • Ethics: Recognize and commit to following professional & organizational codes of conduct in the larger interest of society and humanity.

  • Social citizen: Demonstrate sensitivity towards the community and willingness to participate and contribute towards national/international development.

  • Lifelong learning: Acquire the ability to engage in lifelong learning in the era of rapid technological advances through professional development, practical training and specialised certificates.

  • Interdisciplinary: Build an ability to function in multidisciplinary teams.

  • Entrepreneurship: Build entrepreneurship abilities.

As one of the best BBA colleges in Pune and among the most prominent ones, the Symbiosis Centre of Management Studies builds tomorrow's finest thought-provoking managerial leaders to serve society at its best.