SCMS-Pune COIL Initiative



SCMS has taken another step forward in it's initiative towards Internationalization with the COIL (Collaborative Online International Learning) project along with Bridge Valley Community College in the US. In this project students from bother the Institutions leverage ICT (Information and Communication Technology) to work together on projects while understanding and appreciating their diversities - cultural, social, political, economic, etc. This is an innovative project since the students are learning and the faculty are co-teaching cohorts from both the Institutes with a time difference of 9.5 hours. The students from SCMS have been very proactive in each step of the COIL initiative and have been doing a great job.

SCMS has arranged multiple short term programs towards internationalization efforts.


1. Lecture by Foreign Faculty - Prof. Lindsay Trotman

A lecture series on ‘Business Laws in International perspectives’ was conducted by Dr. Lindsay Trotman from Massey University New Zealand for the Third Year students of SCMS-Pune. This has been a very good experience for the Third Year students .


2. Lecture by Foreign Faculty - rof. Suneel Kunamaneni

A lecture series on ‘Technological Entrepreneurship’ was conducted by Prof. Suneel Kunamaneni from Leeds Business School, UK for third Year students of SCMS-Pune . This has been a very good experience for the students.


Lecture series on Microeconomics by Dr. Holger Seebens from Technische Hochschule Nürnberg, Germany

A lecture series on Microeconomics was conducted by Dr. Holger Seebens from Technische Hochschule Nürnberg, Germany for the First Year students of SCMS-Pune. Some of the topics covered include- Distinction between Micro and Macro Economics, Cost- Benefit Analysis, Practical Relevance of Economics, Basics of Utility Theory. The sessions were highly interactive and the students had asked relevant questions and clarified their doubts. This has been a very good experience for the students.


SCMS Pune welcomes the cohort from Liege school of commerce, Belgium

A contingents of 16 students from Liege School of Commerce, Belgium accompanied by their Professors visited Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies, Pune. They were traditionally welcomed by the students and faculty of SCMS Pune. The Liège faculty and students presented the business initiatives of the Belgium firms intending to make a foray into Indian market. The faculty of SCMS-Pune also took a session on “Doing Business in India.


Finance Study Tour for students from Deakin University, Australia

The students from Deakin University, Australia had come to SCMS, Pune for their finance study tour for a week. The course covered was " Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management". Dr. Dhiraj Jain, Prof. Vijay Misra and Dr. Shreya Virani together conducted the sessions and gave the students various insights into the subject. The students also had an Industrial visit to KPMG where they had a session on the " Emergence of Corporate Governance in India." 


Certificate in Project Management with Deakin University, Australia

SCMS had organized a weeklong certificate program in Project Management in collaboration with Deakin University, Australia. The program covered the following topics:

  • 1. Introduction to Project Management
  • 2. Management Skills for Projects
  • 3. Introduction to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBoK)
  • 4. Introduction to Agile Project Management
  • 5. Project Risk
  • 6. Project Quality

Resource Person: Dr. Darryl Coulthard, Associate Head of School (Teaching and Learning), Faculty of Business and Law, Deakin University Australia.

The program was very well received and 18 students from SCMS as well as outside registered for it. The students were evaluated and issued certificates from Deakin University.


Short Term program in International Business for students form Oman

SCMS hosted a group of 17 university students from Oman on a month long program from 9th July to 10th August. The program focused on International Business. A variety of sessions and field trips were arranged for them on all aspects of International Business, such as global trends in management, sustainable development, corporate governance, accounting, marketing, human resource management, etc.

The students reported that they learnt a lot about all the various elements of international business and also had a great time at SCMS.


Bridge Course for Afghan students

SCMS Pune conducted a bridge course for Afgan students who had specially come from Afghanistan to purse their Under Graduate study in India.

With the objective of preparing them for their UG programme a special bridge course was conducted at SCMS, Pune for following subjects:

  • 1. Business Accounts
  • 2. Business Studies
  • 3. Micro Economies
  • 4. Computer Applications

The institute achieved its objective of preparing the students to take up full time BBA programme.