Sports Committee 2016-2017 Events

Chess Competition

Sports Committee Events 2017-18

1.Inter SIU Football

The Sports Committee organized the inter SIU Football tournament at the Symbiosis campus in Lavale. It was a 3 day event that included colleges from all over the country. The tournament included matches for both and girls of the respective particpating institutes. All the aspects of this tournament were managed by SCMS Pune.

2. Invictus 2018
Invictus is the 3 day sports intra SCMS Pune Sports fest that was organised by the Committee in the month of January. It had 4 different sports under its belt.
• Football
• Cricket
• Basketball
• Volleyball

Sports Committee Events 2018-19

1.Inter SIU Football

Sports Committee organized the Inter SIU Football tournament for the year 2018. The event was held on the 25th of Septmember that year. Symbiosis Institutes from all over the country took part in the event. It was a 3 day event that was completely organized by our institute. The tournament was held for both boys and girls.

Sports Committee 2019-20

1.Inter SIU Football Tournament

In 2019, SCMS Pune again organized the Inter SIU football tournmanet which was held in the SIU campus in Lavale. It was at three day event held on 5th Novemember and all the aspects of the tournament were managed by the Sports Committee of our college. The tournament was held for both boys and girls.

2.Invictus 2020

During this academic year, Invictus was once again introduced. It included events for both boys and girls on a combined basis. Invictus is the intra college sports fest for SCMS Pune. It included four sports. The events were held in the month of January, 2020.
• Cricket
• Football
• Basketball
• Volleyball

Sports Committee Events 2020-21

1.E-nvictus 2021

Due to college and sports shifting to the online version, for the 2020-21 academic year, Sports Committee decided to organize an online version of invictus. This included events in which all the divisions of all three batches would be participating.

The events conduced were as follows:
• Chess

• Cricket (Bluff, Taboo and Charades)
They were subevents conduced under cricket. These included question,s fun games and activities related to cricket that could be done on an online platform.

Football (Bluff, Charades, Taboo)

It was done in a format similar to that of cricket. Questions, fun activites and tasks related to football were given for the participants to take part in.


A series of challenges and fun tasks related to sports in general that included finding clues and moving ahead with them to the next rounds.