Student Research Paper achievements:
Paper published by students :

  1. Aadithyaa (TY) and Yeshasv (TY), The Kvian Model: A Teacher Motivation Model, The Journal of Commerce and Management Thought- Volume- 9, Issue No. 4 (October- December, 2018)
  2. Aadithyaa (TY) and Tanushree Mahapatra, Thesis on Mergers and Acquisitions in the Credit Rating sector, Paper published in TJEF, Volume 2, Issue 3
  3. Alekhya Madiraju (TY), Workforce Diversity in the Telecommunication Sector in India' has been published in the International Journal of Development Research June 2018. 
  4. Karan Kaushish (SY), Paternity Leave - It's importance in Gender Equity and Sustainable HRM Full Paper Accepted at: ICSUSHRM 2018, IBS Hyderabad
  5. A research paper titled "How to build a brand and establish it?" written by Madhav Mahajan ( Batch 2016-19) & Jigar Chhadwa ( Batch 2015-18) has been published in Research Journali’s - Journal of Marketing , Jan 2018; available at
  6. Ms. Sonali Vaghani's (Batch 2015-18) research paper on 'A Study of Employee Involvement and commonly followed practices in the IT Sector in India’ has been published at International Journal for Engineering and Management Research.
  7. Madhav Mahajan's (Batch 2016-19) research paper - "Innovative Marketing Strategies - "there is always a lot to learn" has been published in the ISERD Journal. He won the 2nd prize for the presentation at the IEEE Conference.
  8. Research paper of Zulfa Shan (Batch 2015-18) " Kashmir the paradise on earth- an analysis of tourism service quality and circumstances influencing the deprecation of tourism in Kashmir" has been published in International Research Journal of Management Science and Technology, Volume :8, issue :7, 2017
  9. Research paper titled 'Role of Media in Menstrual Healthcare’ by Aditi Rakesh (Batch 2015-18) was published in and issue of the Indian Journal of Public Health Research and Development --A Journal indexed in Scopus and also found in UGC list of journals. 
  10. Paper titled “Effect of FDI in India during Modi rule" by Zulfa ( Batch 2016-19) has been published in "International Research Journal Of Management Science and Technology" Vol 8, Issue 9, 2017
  11. Research paper titled "State Bank of India: construing its NPAs by Madhav Mahajan( Batch 2016-19), Advait Patil ( Batch 2016-19) has been published in the Asian Journal of Research in Banking and Finance.
  12. Research paper by Meghana Ambati (2016-19) and Mrinal Pandey (2016-19) titled, ‘Analysis of Zimbabwe – International Trade (2006-16)’ has been published in International Journal of Business, Management and Allied Sciences.
  13. Research paper titled, ‘Factors Impacting Motivation of Indian Employees with special focus on older HR professionals’ co-authored by Varshini Rajesh, Aditya G. Kovvali and Renuka Kumar was published in IJEMR Available at
  14. Research paper titled, ‘Propositions to foster changes in Management Education Systems to enable managers to be co-creators’ published at International Journal of Innovative Sciences and Research Technology (IJISRT) Volume 2 Issue 9.
  15. Research paper titled, ‘Helicopter Money: A Conceptual Insight’ written by Dr. Dhiraj Jain and Ms. Romni Kondeti was published in SAMVAD, SIBM Pune, 12th Edition, Dec 2016.
  16. Research paper titled, Tata Corus – Where did they go wrong?’ written by Dr. Dhiraj Jain and Ms. Romni Kondeti was published in the Journal for Management Training Institute – SAIL, Ranchi, Volume 44, Issue 2, Sept 2016.

Abstracts Accepted

  1. Diksha Verma (FY) and Aman Gala (FY), Petroyuan, A Game changer in the Petrodollar World Order, Accepted for: ICCSR, Goa
  2. Raunak Agarwal (SY) and Yatharth (SY) mentored by Yeshasv from R&D Cell Understanding barriers to India through Kickstarter’s growth model and the future of crowdfunding in India, International Conferences on Innovative Practices In management and Entrepreneurships

Paper presented by students:

  1. Aadithyaa (TY), Siddhii Sadana (SY), Ria Gupta (FY) and Nishita Ganapathy (SY)  Title : Quality assessment and assurance – Need of ODL in India Paper presented at Arthanomics, Jai Hind College and won 2nd prize at the Paper Presentation Competition.
  2. Madhav Mahajan (Batch 2016-19), presented a research paper titled 'Speed Hiring: Banking on time' coauthored with Aditya Kovvali & Chaitanya Joon, at the first 'Annual Conference on Banking & Finance in India' held at IMI Bhubaneswar (18-19 August, 2017). 
  3. Ms. Kavya Shah's ( Batch 2016-19) paper on "Strategic Brand Management" has been presented at 4th Academic International Conference on Business, Marketing and Management (organized by FLE Learning at Martin Conference center at Harvard Medical School, Boston USA) .
  4. Case study titled "“Innovation and Apple Inc.” authored by Aadithyaa (Batch 2016-19) and Prof Vijay Prakash Mishra has been presented at the FLAME International Conference on Cases and Pedagogical Innovation during June 29th to 30th ,2017. This case has been accepted for publication at Prospectiva: A Case Research Journal (SIBM Bangalore).
  5. Research paper titled  "Royal Enfield: A religion in making" written by Dr Ishita along with our students Ms Aarushi (2014-17) and Ms Shreyasi( 2014-17)was selected for fast track presentation in the IIM-NASMEI Summer marketing conference. The presentation was at IIMI MARCON 2017 conference on 27-29 July 2017. Dr. Ishita and Ms. Aarushi presented the paper at the conference
  6. Sanyam Garg’s abstract with Jigar Chaddwa and Aditya G. Kovvali titled "Corporate Governance for Startups: A Road Less Travelled" was presented at the 3rd International conference at IMI Bhubaneshwar
  7. The abstracts of Mr.Yeshasv Bhargava(2016-19) titled "Making people machine ready: Proposing instrument to measure preparedness to automation vis-à-vis Indian participants" and of Aadithya Sundaresan with Tanushree Mahapatra titled "Thesis on Mergers and Acquisition in the credit-rating sector" was selected for the 11th ISDSI International Conference happening at IIM Trichy. Aadithya Sundaresan presented his abstract at the Conference.
  8. Priya Kothiyal’s (Batch 2016-19) paper titled, ‘Effects of digital economy on purchasing trends and consumer retention’ was presented at the Fifth International conference on “Business Analytics and Intelligence” organized by IIM Bangalore on 11th, December 2017.
  9. Research paper titled, ‘ Understanding the link between employee satisfaction and customer value creation among start-ups in the Indian context’ co-authored by Varshini Rajesh, Aditya G. Kovvali and Renuka Kumar was presented at the IIM – NASMEI MARCON Marketing Conference held at IIM Indore.
  10. Research paper titled, ‘Broculture: Study on toxic work culture in start-ups’ was presented at IIM – A AHRD Conference on Human Resource Development, 8th to 10th November, 2017
  11. Ms. Priya Kothiyal (FY) & Mr. Aditya Kovvali (SY) from R&D Cell of SCMS, Pune attended NICOM (Nirma International Conference of Management) at Nirma University, Ahmadabad. The students presented a a Research Paper titled “Alternate Branding Strategies for Food Delivery and Discovery Websites” under the guidance of Prof. Punit Mishra. The paper was very much appreciated by the Panel Members and it was selected for publication in an ISBN numbered Book titled "Consumer Behavior and Contemporary Marketing Strategies"
  12. Tanvi Shah, Student of third year BBA, wrote a research paper with the help of Dr Gilbi John on the topic of Social Media for Social Entrepreneurs: A case study on PULA (Pune Ladies Association) A Facebook Group for household Pune Women Entrepreneurs. The paper got selected by the National Conference of Social Entrepreneurship and Tanvi was called to present it at the conference held at St Mira's College Pune on 27th Jan 2017. It will soon be published in St. Mira College's research journal.