TEDx believes in sharing ideas that have the power to change the world. At TEDxSIUVimanNagar we were looking for unspoken stories, avant-garde ideas, talks that make us reflect, think, entertain, teach, inspire and elicit change. Our theme this year was, “What dreams are made of”. This theme explored what our dreams are made of, what visions we have at our calmest state and what we strive to achieve. There is a prism of possibilities for talks on this theme and it offered the audience to experience new perspectives on ideas from inception to fruition and on the dreams that we have.

We believed in a speaker lineup that was diverse enough to cover a prism of possibilities-

  1. Zayed Khan (Actor & Producer)
  2. Terence Lewis (Indian Dancer & Choreographer)
  3. Arthur Carmazzi (Founder,Directive Communication Methodology)
  4. Neha Pardeshi(Captain, Indian Women's National Rugby Team)
  5. Aanchal Dhara(Photographer, Two Feet and A Dream)
  6. Dr. Shrirang Upasani(Homeopathic Doctor, Musical Therapy)
  7. Sonia Konjeti(Founder, PULA Pune Ladies)


Heels Dance Academy (Tron Dance)

We would like to thank our speakers for sharing their wonderful insights and making this event a huge success.