The last five months have been some of the most interesting ones of my life. India has showed me & taught me a lot through all the weird fun & beautiful moments I had.

Sidar Gumus
Incoming Exchange student (Germany)

I was in India for Five months & it was an amazing experience. I met a lot of new friends & I hope we all will stay in touch. Thank you SCMS.

Jannes Rahn
Incoming Exchange student (Germany)

My Experience in India was Amazing. I spent one full year in Pune where I met a lot new friends.

Nicolas Bontemps
Incoming Exchange student (France)

My year in India was amazing & I will recommend to anyone to try this experience.

Francois Janot
Incoming Exchange student (France)

Thanks you so much for welcoming me at SCMS. It was an amazing experience to stay this year in India. This year was full of learning & discoveries.

Pierre Vasseur
Incoming Exchange student (France)

It is just like a drem, you are about to wake up that is how thses three years passed by. Simply amazing & wonderfull journey about to end. Thank you SCMS.

Ali Hashmi
NRI – Buddy Committe

My experience at SCMS was truly a memorable one. It is at times like this that you wonder how three years of your life went by faster than anything imaginable and yet remains ever so magical. Life is about leaving your marks on whatever it is you do & scms is truly a place I am proud to have left my footprints on.

Vishal Keswani
NRI - (IR)

When I look today I think three years were far too less. I will always feel lucky enough that destiny braught me to SCMS where all the experiences had & will have great impact in my life. I feel proud & humble at the same time to have been part of the Indian culture. In this institution I have met people who changed my life.

Keeresh Beekarey

My experience at SCMS is definitely unforgettable one in my life. Since India is totally different from my country, Japan, there were some difficulties to me in culture, climate, food and so on. However, thanks to my friends and coordinators who always supported me, I could be positive about everything and learned the importance of knowing and accepting different cultures from mine. I do believe that the time which I spent at SCMS will always be helpful and meaningful for my career as well as life.
Thanks SCMS! Danyawaad! ;)

Yuki Shibata
Incoming Exchange student (Japan)

Sharing my experience of happiness and joyful moments spent with SCMS family and proud to be a part of SCMS family. Since I joined SCMS, I learnt how to become a better person for myself and for the people around me and how to give a hand to those in need. The people in SCMS are some of the best people I have ever met right from the security guards to faculties to the director and students.
I clearly remember in first week of my college life, I was just sitting in the class and did not understand anything, it was like watching a Chinese movie without subtitles. I was reluctant to approach the faculties personally for help as I had the fear of rejection. However, slowly I realized that the faculties were really kind and understanding and were always ready to help us. That was the time when I felt the presence of great people around me and I started studying with utmost dedication and took help from my faculties and friends and they were so humble and kind, that they always helped me in extraordinary ways regardless of their situation or subjects. When we are surrounded by great people, great things are always going to come by our way.

Erfan Abdullah (FN - Afghanistan)