The last five months have been some of the most interesting ones of my life. India has showed me & taught me a lot through all the weird fun & beautiful moments I had.

Sidar Gumus
Incoming Exchange student (Germany)

I was in India for Five months & it was an amazing experience. I met a lot of new friends & I hope we all will stay in touch. Thank you SCMS.

Jannes Rahn
Incoming Exchange student (Germany)

My Experience in India was Amazing. I spent one full year in Pune where I met a lot new friends.

Nicolas Bontemps
Incoming Exchange student (France)

My year in India was amazing & I will recommend to anyone to try this experience.

Francois Janot
Incoming Exchange student (France)

Thanks you so much for welcoming me at SCMS. It was an amazing experience to stay this year in India. This year was full of learning & discoveries.

Pierre Vasseur
Incoming Exchange student (France)

It is just like a drem, you are about to wake up that is how thses three years passed by. Simply amazing & wonderfull journey about to end. Thank you SCMS.

Ali Hashmi
NRI – Buddy Committe

The SCMS experience has been a fruitful one for me. In the 3 years that I’ve been here, I’m confident enough to say I’ve become a better person. Even the online experience was lively and unique in a way and I only have fond memories to look back upon.

Suprabal Pandey, Nepal (FN)
- International Student Representative

My experience in SCMS has definitely been nothing but a great one. The university has not only helped me grow with my knowledge and career but also developed many other skills with the various opportunities given to me.

Srishti Chugh, UAE (NRI)
-International Student Representative

The last 3 years in India and my experience at SCMS have been memorable. Being part of SCMS has helped me grow so much both academically and socially, and also help me discover myself. The people are so supportive and friendly, and they make you feel at home. I am so thankful for SCMS Pune for giving me a chance to be a part of the family.

Fernanda Chatha, FN - Malawi